Atlanta Hawks run the floor, finish with three (GIF)

Nov 13, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; New York Knicks shooting guard Iman Shumpert (21) dribbles past Atlanta Hawks small forward Cartier Martin (20) in the first half at Philips Arena. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sport

Currently at home, the Atlanta Hawks are trying to hold off a valiant effort from the visiting New York Knicks. With time winding down in the fourth quarter, they need to make sure that they take care of the ball and not make any mistakes.

Generally, a lot of teams fail in protecting the ball when they’re on a fast-break and running the floor. Whether it’s an errant pass, failed dribble or a missed easy shot, there’s always potential for something to go awry.

Well, not for the Hawks on this possession in the fourth quarter.

Martin Cartier took the ball down the court on the break and found a wide-open Kyle Korver on the other side of the court for the beautiful three-point opportunity, which of course he made because he’s Kyle Korver:



More playing like that and the Hawks are going to be able to salvage this one and hold off the struggling Knicks.

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