Feb 16, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; TNT broadcaster Shaquille O

Charles Barkley discusses the "N Word" on TNT

This is a big debate in the country right now.

Matt Barnes was ejected from last night’s game for a shoving match, and he went on a twitter rant about it afterwards. During the rant, he referred to his teammates as the N word, and it has caused a lot of uproar.

This comes just days after the voicemail that Richie Incognito left for Johnathon Martin that included racial slurs. I am a white male, so you will never hear the word come out of my mouth, nor do I have a desire to use it. If you ask me, I wouldn’t use it even if I was black, because if you want a word to go away, then stop using it–innocent or not. Everyone is going to have an opinion on this, and Barkley is always very passionate with his opinions. I think TNT’s NBA coverage is the best out there, and they are never afraid to take on a controversial topic, and they usually do it in a respectful way.


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