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Cobb County will pay $302 million toward Atlanta Braves' new facilities

On Monday, in a somewhat shocking move, the Atlanta Braves announced that they would be leaving the Atlanta area and moving to Cobb County, a move that will be finalized by 2017. Some were happy about the move, while some weren’t. Regardless, it’s happening anyway.

With the move, the Braves will now need a new place to pay baseball come 2017. The plans for brand new facilities in their new home are currently in the works, as they probably had already begun to take shape before all of this was even announced.

But, with any situation like this, the usual question is, “Where is the money coming from?”

Cobb County chairman Tim Lee answered that question recently to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in which he said that county taxpayers will fund about $302 million for the new stadium, which calculates out to about 45 percent of the total cost.

However, County Commissioner Helen Goreham assured that the county’s property tax revenue fund will not be used for this purpose and residents in the area will not see a property tax hike:

“It is not on the backs of the individual property owners of Cobb County,” Goreham said. “There will not be any increase in our property taxes.”

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