Jimmy Fallon Goes Crazy Over PS4 (Video)

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The PS4 is going to be released in the next couple of hours with some people braving the cold weather in the north east by standing outside and waiting in line for the midnight release.

There will even a launch event in New York City tonight where Sony will have announcements and show trailers for upcoming games in 2014 and beyond.

The people in the media are a lucky group of people as they’re allowed to test the products before they come out and give their opinion.

While the consumers have to wait for the product to be released and then they can form their own opinion on what they liked about the product.

One of the best places to see new devices specifically game consoles before they’re released to the public is on late night talk shows.

Jimmy Fallon on his show along with Ice-T and a person from Sony were showing off the PS4.

He told Fallon and Ice-T the price of the console and they also played a demo of a game. While playing the game Fallon kind of freaked out while playing the game.

The one thing that got him excited like he he was a young kid on Christmas is that the game had some interactive robots, but they looked like real aliens.

It’s safe to say that he liked the console and had a fun time with it, including playing with the robots.

The video below shows what Fallon did when he saw the robots.

Let me know what you think of the video and if demonstration made you want a PS4 even more.




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