Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston freak out over David Blaine magic trick (Video)

Breaking Bad might be over, but I’m still clinging to all the Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston entertainment I can. In this video above, magician David Blaine is hanging out with the Breaking Bad stars in what look like a hotel room and he decides to do what he does  best. A little in your face street magic.

Blaine is has a new special airing on ABC called “Real or Magic?” This clip uploaded to YouTube is a sneak peek.

At first Aaron Paul is the volunteer. He gets handed two decks and instructed to shuffle them together, then spread the cards across the table. Cranston meanwhile is acting like a cheerleader encouraging Paul along.

The idea is that he is shuffling some cards face up, Blaine says he’ll have them all in order when he spreads them across the table. When he does it, the cards aren’t in numerical order as hoped. That is when Blaine begins talking about “Liar’s Poker” and asks Cranston to remove a $100 bill from his pocket it. He asks him to read the serial number off the bill and it matches up with the cards.

That is when Cranston and Paul freak out and begin to jump around like excited children. It was cool to see. It would’ve been a lot cooler if Paul would’ve dropped some “bitch” lines for old times sake.

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