Illinois fans react to Cliff Alexander’s hat fake (Video)

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High school basketball prospect Cliff Alexander was a highly sought after recruit out of Chicago, Illinois. Alexander is ranked fourth in the nation by Rivals 150 and a spot higher by ESPN 100. He had numerous colleges after him including KU, Illinois, Memphis, and hometown team DePaul.

When he was selecting his team at the press conference he had numerous hats on the table in front of him. He announced that he had “decided to go to the University of….” and reached for the Illinois hat. He even picks it up, but then in a Lee Corso like move, he throws it back down and picks up the Kansas hat.

“It’s something my teammates thought I should do,” Alexander said of the hat move,via the Chicago Tribune.

That had everyone faked out and surely annoyed some Illinois fans. Some Illinois fans were excitedly watching the press conference on the television. One of the fans, presumably a fan of theirs who doesn’t support the Fighting Illini, video taped it and posted it on YouTube.

There is excitement at first, then some confusion as they struggle to figure out what happened. There also is a lot of cursing so be careful if you watch this video at work.

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