LeBron James throws alley-oop to Dwyane Wade (GIF)

The Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks are squaring off in South Florida today. The Mavericks got out to an early start but have fallen behind by the end of the half. One of the first half highlights was this alley-oop pass from LeBron James to Dwyane Wade.

In the first half, LeBron James already has 18 points, 3 assists and a rebound. Dwyane Wade is also having a good game so far and has recored 13 points. Between the two of them, they shot 12 of 16 from the floor.

The Mavericks will struggle to narrow the nine point gap between the two. Dirk Nowitzki has put up 12 points and Monta Ellis has put up 13 points as well. The big difference has been fouls. The Heat have taken 15 free throws, while the Mavs have taken only three free throws. A huge discrepancy.

The Mavs are shooting better from behind the arc with 50%, but they’ve attempted 14 shots.


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