PS4 All Access Greatness Awaits Recap


Sony had their PS4 All Access Greatness Awaits launch event in New York City and it definitely didn’t disappoint. There were a bunch of announcements and world premieres for games due to come out in 2014.

Naughty Dog showed the teaser trailer for The Last of Us DLC titled Left Behind. The DLC is going to be a prequel featuring Ellie along with Riley Abel, a friend she had during her school days in the Quarantine Zone.

This is the teaser trailer for the DLC as it’s set to come out in early 2014.

Naughty Dog was not done revealing stuff at the event with them showing a teaser for the new project they’re working on. The new game coming to the PS4 is Uncharted 4 and expect to hear more about this game in the coming months.

Here’s the Uncharted PS4 teaser for you to watch below.

Sucker Punch as expected showed off a new trailer for Infamous: Second Son. The trailer showed what you can do with Neon powers and at the end of the video a release date for the game was revealed.

I will let you watch it to see when the game is scheduled to come out.

The video from Sucker Punch looks impressive and could be one of the better PS4 games in 2014.

Bungie showed Destiny at event with a new trailer and they made a special announcement about the game. They said that PlayStation owners would have the chance to play the beta of their multiplatform online shooter Destiny first.

This is the trailer for Destiny, it’s scheduled to release in 2014.

Sony teased some information about The Last Guardian with Shuhei Yoshida in a video saying that he’s played the game, but would not confirm for which system. Sony also announced that Towerfall: Ascension would be making it’s way to the PS4.

Here’s a trailer of the game and it’s not a surprise that another indie game was shown.

Hideo Kojima had some information about Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes. The game is set to release this spring 2014 for current and next gen systems. The excited thing he was talking about is a mission in which you play as Solid Snake, from MGS, MGS 2 and MGS 4. The Deja Vu mission is exclusive to the PS4. Sony during the event showed a launch trailer for the PS4.

The video below is packed with references to various games from PlayStation’s past, present and future.


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