Stars' goalie Kari Lehtonen sits on top of goal during game (Video)

What do you do when your a goalie and sitting on a four goal lead late in the game? You’re probably tired from a long game, so why not grab a seat. Perhaps on the back of the goal.

That is exactly what Dallas Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen did during the third period of their game against the Calgary Flames. Even more insulting is he did it on the road in Calgary.

The Stars had a 4-goal lead, at the time. There were only about 12 seconds left in the game as well. Still, the Flames had scored three goals so it wasn’t exactly like he hadn’t been working all game.

The face off was also at the other end of the ice when he was sitting atop the goal. He probably expected a longer commercial break or something. When the puck was about to be dropped he quickly jumped down to ride the clock out.

It still is pretty cocky to see him do that. There wasn’t any real risk.

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