Jamaica's 4x100m relay team celebrates their world record. Mandatory Photo Credit: Kirby Lee, USA Today Sports

Yesterday was Guinness World Records Day. Here are your new heroes

Did you set a world record yesterday? What, you didn’t? But it was the official Guinness World Records Day! It’s sacred!

There were plenty of records set yesterday by folks just like yourself (but, you know, more motivated and talented than you’ll ever be). Here’s a look at some of the more interesting feats.

  • Norwegian Chayne Jultgren successfully swallowed three swords while underwater. Because swallowing swords while on land is clearly not dangerous enough.
  • Brooklyn’s Scott Weiner set the record for largest collection of pizza boxes. He has 595. (Which is, like, the number of boxes one household of stoned collegians can accrue in a single semester, so I’m not super impressed.)
  • 325 people dressed as penguins gathered outside the Richard House Children’s Hospice in London, setting the world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as penguins.
  • Kenichi Ito of Japan set the world record for the fastest 100m sprint completed while on all hours. Yeah, there’s video footage and everything.
  • Germany’s Joe Alexander set two records yesterday, which should make you feel all sorts of dissatisfaction regarding your lack of accomplishments in life. Alexander caught 16 darts with his bare hands in one minute, and he walked along the tops of 60 champagne bottles.
  • Corey “Thunder” Law of the Harlem Globetrotters set the record for the longest basketball shot. Take that, YouTube trick-shot artists!

To all those who were unsuccessful, better luck next year.

[Sources: Mirror/Today]


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