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Nov. 23, 2012; Tucson, AZ, USA: Arizona Wildcats punter Kyle Dugandzic against the Arizona State Sun Devils at Arizona Stadium. The Sun Devils defeated the Wildcats 41-34. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona punter drops ball, doesn't kick it (GIF)

Kickers, and punters particularly get a lot of crap for their minimal roles on football team. They have one job and their expected to do it and it isn’t viewed as difficult. Place kickers can come under some pressure though, they’re put in situations where they have to kick a field goal to win games.

Punters for the most part just boot the ball down field. Better punters try to aim for certain parts of the field and keep the ball close to the goal line with out going in or giving his team a chance to keep it from going in for a touchback.

That’s it for the most part though, drop and kick.

The Arizona Wildcats punter had the drop part down, but he seemed to forget the kicking part. He steps forward drops the ball and then starts running after it. He picks it up and tries to kick it, but by that time he is being leveled. It is gonna be a rough weekend for him.

[h/t] SB Nation


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