Nov 15, 2013; Homestead, FL, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Jimmie Johnson talks the media during qualifying for the Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Donovan McNabb says Jimmie Johnson is not an athlete (Video)

Ever since Donovan McNabb has been retired, he has been one negative sour puss. He is constantly bashing players and has become the former athlete version of Skip Bayless to an extent. Usually he saves it for bashing NFL players or other quarterbacks like Tony Romo, but this time he took aim at NASCAR.

Driver Jimmie Johnson is on the brink of winning his sixth Sprint Cup title, an incredible feat and one away from the record of seven. Most believe that ranks Jimmie Johnson among the greatest athletes, ones with multiple championships like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant. That concept led to a segment on FOX Sports where they discussed where exactly he ranked among his contemporaries.

“Do I think he’s an athlete? Absolutely not,” McNabb said.

McNabb didn’t back down when pressed by host Charissa Thompson. McNabb was ready to keep rambling but Thompson stopped him, stunned by the statement.

“He’s not an athlete,” McNabb said. “He sits in a car and he drives, so that doesn’t make you athletic. I give credit to what he’s been able to do.”

“What athletically is he doing? … I didn’t say (NASCAR isn’t) a sport, I said he’s not athletic,” McNabb said.

So… it is a sport… yet athletes don’t take part?

If you’re curious, Donovan still ranked him No. 3 on his list of most dominant athletes. Not bad for someone who isn’t an athlete and just drives.

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  • Glasskeys

    He would be right. Anyone that has driven a car over 500 miles could be called an athlete too. At least we make right turns. Nascar as racing is a joke.

    • BrandonG

      you’re an idiot! learn your shit before you open your mouth jerkoff


    Most people can drive a car for 500 miles. Being good at a sport doesn’t make you a great athlete. It makes you a great sportsman. Hunting is a sport. Fat people hunt, they’re pretty good at it. Does that make them great athletes? No. Chess is a sport. Are great chess players great athletes? No. Anything where people compete can be considered sport. People fish for sport. Fisherman are not necessarily great athletes. I’m not saying Jimmy Johnson isn’t a great athlete. He could be athletic. But that has nothing to do with his NASCAR prowess. He can’t be considered a great athletic solely due to his NASCAR accomplishments. Michael Phelps is a great athlete. Michael Jordan was a great athlete. Lebron James, Reggie Bush, Colin Kaepernick are great athletes. Ryan Tannehill is a great athlete. Jimmy Johnson….???? Meh. Saying that a driver is not a great athlete is not anything to be alarmed about. I could see why people would be offended. But they shouldn’t be. There are so many other sports that require more athleticism and at a greater level. Look at Tony Stewart. He’s fat. And pretty good at NASCAR. You don’t have to be a great athlete to win competitions in all sporting events.