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UCLA's Stan McKay proposes to girlfriend after game (Video)

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The UCLA Bruins beat the Washington Huskies on Friday night 41-31. After the game there was an interesting scene down on the field. UCLA senior linebacker Stan McKay found his girlfriend and got her alone on the field. Alone in the middle of the entire team, including head coach Jim Mora.

With his girlfriend at his side and his team everywhere, McKay dropped to a knee to propose to his girlfriend. The team is already going nuts, but they hush themselves up and get everyone to quiet down. That is when McKay, down on one knee, proposes to his girlfriend.

She pauses slightly and raises her arms and says yes. That is when the entire Bruins football team erupts and goes bananas. The best part, ESPN 2’s cameras were still rolling. The best part is that it looks like Mora is holding out a camera phone to take a picture like the college students around him.

This isn’t the first post-NCAA football game proposal we’ve seen. After Boise State beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, their running back proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend. He didn’t have quite the amount of team around him as McKay did.

Congrats to McKay and his fiancee.

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