Lady Gaga moons SNL audience (GIF)


Lady Gaga was on Saturday Night Live this weekend and made some questionable Miley Cyrus like moves. Clearly she is upset with no longer being the shocking pop start demanding the media and the internet’s attention. So she decided to do a little something to try to work her way back into the spotlight Miley Cyrus is in.

She just finished whatever she was doing and was turning to exit the stage as the camera panned out and away. She was wearing what looks like a 20s style dress (I don’t know I’m not a fashion expert) and the dress from the waist down is fringe. At least I think that is what it is called.

She spins, which twirls her derss, as she is turning around, and then bends over revealing her bottom. She is wearing underwear and tights, so it isn’t like we saw her bare ass, but it is still odd?

She then does this weird little hop and runs off towards the back of the stage.


[h/t] CJ Zero


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