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UFC 167: Dana White post-fight media scrum

Last night, when the bell rang to signify the end of round 5 in the main event, there was small moment where MMA fans across the world believed they had just watched history. Johny Hendricks, a man who was once defeated by Rick Story, had just fought and beat Georges St-Pierre. Hendricks did not KO the champion, but he outwrestled, outstruck, and beat the greatest Welterweight champion in company history. Hendricks’ game plan was flawless and followed to a tee. There was no way the judges could give it in favor of the champion.

Then, Bruce Buffer began to read the score cards. When he said ‘Hendricks’ after the first score was read, many were stunned it would be a split decision. Moments later, when he uttered ‘and still’, the entire MMA world was left in shock. Two of the three judges scored the contest in favor of the champion. Georges St-Pierre was going to walk out with the belt that Johny Hendricks just gave everything for. Everything Johny Hendricks had worked for was stolen right from his fingertips.

Twitter exploded with fighters demanding new judges, a new scoring system, and giving their score for the fight. UFC president, Dana White, said that there was no controversy, Johny Hendricks won the fight. Johny Hendricks himself was convinced he won the fight, and yet, we are here sunday morning and GSP is still the champ.

This judging debacle should not take away from the fantastic fight, but of course it loses a tad bit of luster because of it. GSP’s pseudo-retirement, and eery answers at the post-fight press conference made the situation even more odd.

After the post fight press conference, Dana White sat down to scrum with the media in the video above. Dana gives his thoughts on the fight, GSP’s issues and retirement, the card as a whole, and much more.

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