Nov 15, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA; UFC 167 Welterweight challenger Georges St. Pierre (left) and welterweight champion Johny Hendricks pose for photographs with UFC president Dana White during the official weigh-in of UFC 167 at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 167 results: Georges St-Pierre wins controversial decision over Johny Hendricks

UFC 167 is headlined by the Welterweight championship fight between Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks. GSP, the long time Welterweight champion, will be taking on his stiffest competition to date. Hendrick’s wrestling credentials and punching power make fans and pundits alike believe he could be the man to dethrone the champ. Will we see a vintage GSP dominant performance, or a changing of the guard with a Hendricks’ KO? The highly anticipated match up is just moments away.

Round 1: They touch gloves to start. Outside leg kick from GSP. GSP ducks under a punch and a big takedown. Hendricks gets up from a GSP guillotine attempt. Hendricks pushes GSP up to the fence. GSP rips a body shot. Big leg kick by Hendricks. Yamasaki splits them up. Hendricks lands an uppercut and GSP is in on a single. Hendricks is cracking GSP with some hard shots. Elbows by Hendricks. Hendricks knees GSP to the thigh twice and pushes GSP up to the fence. GSP is taken down by Hendricks. GSP gets and he has a small cut over his eye. Big knee by Hendricks. Inside leg kick by GSP. Step in side kick by GSP and a jab. Head kick by GSP. Hendricks with another knee to the thigh. Knee to the body by GSP. Another knee from GSP. Jab by GSP. Leg kick from Hendricks. High paced fight thus far. GSP with a nice left, head kick, front kick combo. Hendricks misses an uppercut and big left hook as the round ends. 10-9 Hendricks for more effective striking.

Round 2: GSP with a nice jab and outside leg kick. GSP with body kicks and a superman punch. Hendricks rushes in with a left and lands. GSP establishing his world-class jab. Hard left uppercut from Hendricks. Hendricks is rocking GSP and I don’t know how GSP is standing. Hendricks’s mouth piece came out so Yamasaki briefly stops it. Hendricks landing at will and continually rocking GSP. Unbelievable thus far by Johny. More knees to the thigh as Hendricks pushes GSP up to the fence. GSP gets out and lands a nice left hook. GSP landing his jab . Hendricks just misses a big knee, but nails him with a straight left. Push kick from GSP and a front kick behind it. Step in uppercut by Hendricks just misses. Great right hand by GSP, but Hendricks lands a big left. Jab by GSP. Jab from Hendricks. GSP lands a head kick and a jab. Nice 1-2 from Hendricks. Push kick from GSP. Big uppercut from Hendricks, but a nice counter right from GSP. Jab from Johny, and another. GSP just misses a superman punch and the clinch up with 10 seconds to go. 10-9 Hendricks for almost finishing the champion

Round 3: GSP with a jab and inside leg kick. Knee by Hendricks lands. Another GSP jab lands and one to the body. Inside leg kicks are exchanged. Left over the top by GSP. GSP is ducking away from Hendrick’s shots better this round. Hendricks lands a left hook. GSP misses a left. GSP lands a right. Two stinging jabs from Hendricks and GSP goes over the top. Jab by GSP. This is a great fight. GSP looks to be fresher and lands with a straight left. Push kick from GSP. Big left by Hendricks. Hendricks misses big on a 1-2. Body and then the head by GSP. Overhand right by GSP. Stinging right from GSP. Superman punch from GSP. Hendricks with a straight left. Outside leg kick for GSP. Uppercut to the stomach from Hendricks. Hendricks goes for a takedown, but GSP stuffs it, but Hendricks end up getting it with 30 seconds to go. This round ends with GSP scrambling to his feet. 10-9 GSP for more effective striking. Great come back round from the champ.

Round 4: GSP with a sidekick to start things off. Outside leg kick from GSP. Uppercut from Hendricks followed by a right. Hendricks is padding with his right, and swinging and missing with his left. GSP is tripped by Hendricks and he is on his back. Hendricks going for a can opener, but let’s it go. Solid ground and pound from Hendricks here. GSP is eating some big shots. GSP pushes off, but Hendricks let him up. GSP is bleeding very badly now. Left hook from GSP that is answered from Hendricks. Right hand pushes GSP’s head down as he throws the heavy left. Hendricks is putting it on GSP this round. Jab and uppercut from Hendricks. GSP with a right hand and is looking for a takedown, but Hendricks easily turns him around. Hendricks goes for the takedown but GSP with a nice sprawl. GSP pushes Johny to the fence and eats a knee from Johny. Once again, Hendricks switches the position and now GSP is up against the fence. That is where the round ends. 10-9 Johny Hendricks for the ground and pound and more effective striking.

Round 5: GSP starts with a jab. Big head kick by GSP, but Hendricks eats it. GSP is looking for the single leg, but Hendricks’ balance is fantastic. Hendricks is landing some uppercuts as he hops on one leg. Now Hendricks pushes GSP up against the fence. More knees to the thigh from Hendricks, and goes for the standing KImura. Greta right hand from GSP and a body kick. GSP gets the takedown, but Hendricks slips out! GSP is holding Hendricks up against the fence. Hendricks flips GSP around against the fence. Knee from GSP to the body. Yamasaki splits the up and they restart. GSP with a push kick and a head kick. GSP misses a front kick and again goes for the takedown with a minute to go. GSP gets the takedown, but Hendricks gets right back up. Hendricks flips GSP over again with 30 seconds to go, and that should be it. 10-9 GSP for more effective striking, but Hendricks should be the new champion.

Official Decision: Georges St-Pierre defeats Johny Hendricks by Split Decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)


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    UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! GSP!!!!!!!!!!

  • ScottyGreene

    Hendrix just got robbed.

  • kjay


  • kjay

    I love gsp, but that was a loss I have to admit…

  • PlasticFreedom .

    what the hell just happened? did the judges watch the same fight i watched?

  • Yep.

    To be the man, you have to beat the man like Ric Flair says. knockout or submission. Hendricks didn’t do either, and he didn’t get robbed. He didn’t take the belt, he left it to the judges. Easy call. Still champion.

  • Norris T. Wagner
  • Alex Schlinsky

    I think Hendricks got robbed for sure. Incredible fight though.

  • Maltodextrin

    Hendricks kinda looks like Damien Sandow, who was also robbed by the way

  • Robert Folks

    fuck the UFC . .they just robbed me for a 100$. . i will NEVER pay for a UFC fight again FUCK YOU ufc . .u can suck my muthafuckn dick for calling that fight wrong. .and u will pay . ..cause because of this BS call alot of ppl including myself will never pay for a UFC fight again . .Welcome to 2013 and the year of the new politically correct UFC.

    • Kim willay

      100 dollars?

      How did the UFC rob you of 100 dollars?

      The PPV was 54.99 in HD and in my area that comes to 62,70 after all taxes and fees.

      So, the most the UFC “robbed” me for was less than 63 dollars.

      1. What cable provider do you have that it cost you 100 bucks to watch the UFC? I’d say your cable company robbed you at that rate.

      2. For 100 bucks do you get to watch it in 3-D and smell the seat the ring card girls sit in? Because I’d pay for that one.

      If you want guaranteed action and results you generally will like, you should get into pro wrestling and buy WWE or TNA PPV events as you are guaranteed 2 and a half hours of action and in most cases a satisfying finish.

      Undertaker hasnt been “robbed” at WrestleMania so again, that may be more your speed if you like guarantees.

      I will agree the decision sucked but that was the judges not the UFC and you did not pay 100 dollars for this event anywhere.

  • Robert Folks

    To Yep . . .so in your twisted logic . .if your the champ all u have to do is hug a muthafuka 5 rounds like GSP did and then u can stay the CHAMP forever???Get outta here with that elementary school mentality.