James Spader and Megan Boone as Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen in the new hit series, 'The Blacklist.' Photo Credit: NBC

‘The Blacklist’ No New Episode Tonight – November 18th

Normally, this is the point where I would tell you about how we are anxiously awaiting tonight’s all-new episode of The Blacklist. Unfortunately, that is not the case today as there is no episode airing tonight.

Instead, NBC will be airing an extended episode of The Voice. The Top 10 performers will take the stage in hopes that your votes can save them from elimination.

Now, The Blacklist will indeed be back next week.

Next week, we will see the first half of a two-part episode that simply cannot be missed. They will be charged with finding the one Blacklister that they never wanted to find. For the first time, Red Reddington will become the hunted.

Here is the synopsis for next week’s all-new episode of The Blacklist.

Donald attempts to protect Red from a possible assassination attempt but is misled. The newest member on the blacklist, Anslo Garrick, infiltrates the FBI black site and tries to capture Red. Meanwhile Liz gets caught in an elevator and tries to figure out what is going on.”

Next week, The Blacklist will return to its normal night at and time.

Until then, here is a look at next week’s all-new episode of The Blacklist.

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  • Matthew

    Wtf really fuck this I’m going to bed early

    • Amir


  • Joel Sutherland

    hey, I love the voice, I really do but to revisit last weeks performances while sacrificing The Blacklist simply stinks….an hour of last weeks stuff? NO BLACKLIST ? Same person making this decision must also be on the presidents’ health insurance web site management team. Bone headed

    • Cindy Duet

      I love “The Voice” too and was extremely disappointed “The Blacklist” didn’t air on the 18th too and have no idea why they’d air that recap of last week’s performances of “The Voice” (which they typically do on Saturdays with watered-down versions of the coaches comments). What a bummer and a very stupid decision indeed! However, maybe it means there’s going to be a 2-hour, 2-night episodes,or both for the season finale of “The Blacklist”. Who knows??? But that would be awesome, and I’ll forgive NBC if so ;)

  • RachTick

    I can’t believe there is no new episode of the blacklist this week. I waited all week for this episode and now I find out that instead of the Blacklist they are showing an extended episode of the voice.
    Cry:’( I need my Blacklist

    • AmeliaIslandGirl

      Because of Monday night football, we always record the episode and anxiously wait for Tuesday night. At first I thought our DirectTV screwed up and I was in a tota panic!!!! lol. Best show since Boston Legal IMO…

  • Thomas Errico

    Who gives a crap about the Voice? That show sucks. Put the stupid singing show that nobody watches on another night. Like whatever night Revolution is on. That show blows too. The Blacklist is the only thing NBC has going for them. Why would they skip a week?

  • disqus_VueX6G74ln

    To watch new performances enjoyable, revisit last week’s performances not. Denying the viewers this week’s episode of the Blacklist, sinful…..

    • ladyeatle

      Nbc needs to go the way of messnbc…hey FX maybe should pick up this great show….maybe cbs,they need a great show like Blacklist….still do not know why they postponed tonights program….

  • Andrew

    Bull. CRAP.

    Waste of time, at least other networks had some good shows to watch while I waited for The Blacklist. My whole family was really disappointed to find out that it wasn’t on tonight, and I was pissed it was replaced with the voice. Some guy is honking right now while I post this. I’m going to go do laundry now.


    • Andrew



  • eviator007

    MEMO TO NBC EXECUTIVES: You dropped the ball!. The blacklist is wayyyy better than the Voice…Stop betting you will get more fans by pulling this..NOT WORKING!! Now a two part episode might just bring back some of us to watch again.DONT PULL THIS STUNT AGAIN…and fire whoever got this in motion…

  • TwistedLefty

    please pull your head out nbc give this show the attention it deserves, quit polishing turds