Oct 18, 2013; Shanghai, China; Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant (24) in pre-game warm up against the Golden State Warriors at Mercedes-Benz Arena. Mandatory Credit: Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers clear Kobe Bryant for basketball activities

Just a few days after Kobe Bryant returned to practice, the Los Angeles Lakers have fully cleared their All-Star for basketball activities, this according to Kevin Ding.

Bryant reportedly looked fantastic during practice on Saturday and is expected to partake in Tuesday’s practice, where he’s expected to ramp up his activity. That said, Bryant isn’t expected to go full bore as he’ll slowly work his way back into practice.

Bryant has full medical clearance, I was told Sunday by someone in a position to have such knowledge—meaning he can do anything and everything without restriction as the recovery from his ruptured left Achilles tendon nears its conclusion.

In short, the medical clearance essentially means it’s up to Bryant when he returns. If he feels he’s ready in a week, he can return. If he needs three weeks, he needs three weeks. The Lakers reportedly will leave the decision up to Bryant as to when he feels he can come back.

Ding suggests Bryant’s possible return date could be December 6th against the Sacramento Kings, though admits that’s simply speculation.

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