Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the promo Sunday Night Football. Photo Credit: NBC

‘Sunday Night Football’ Peyton Manning to face Tom Brady, or maybe Dexter Morgan, next Sunday

Next week on Sunday Night Football, the Denver Broncos go head-to-head with New England Patriots. As most of you already know, there is no love lost in the rivalry between two of the greatest quarterbacks in the National Football League. However, this week when the promo for next week’s game aired during the Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs game, many fans were laughing their heads off.

I’m sure that when the shot was taken, it looked perfectly normal; however, once it was cropped into the frame with the different lightning, and sitting next to Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, Tom Brady started to look a lot like our favorite serial killer Dexter Morgan.

One of the first to notice the likeness was CBS Sports NFL Writer Will Brinson, who took a screenshot from the promo and placed it next to a picture of Dexter to showcase his point.

Since then, Twitter has erupted with people adding in their two cents and sharing in a laugh with the rest of us.

However, when next weekend is over and the dust has settled, only one side will still be laughing.

Both of these teams lead their respective divisions; the Pats lead the AFC East with a 7-2 record while the Broncos lead the AFC West with a 9-1 record. Right now, Manning leads the league in passing yards with 3,572, which is approximately 357.2 yards per game. Brady is hovering around the 16th spot with 2,256 with an average of 250.7 yards per game.

Which of these two QBs do you think will be standing tall when the dust settles next Sunday? Will Manning reign supreme, or will Dexter (I mean Brady) have Manning dead to rights?

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