WWE Raw: Miz turns heel on Kofi Kingston (GIF)

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Photo Credit: WWE

People have been clamoring lately for the Miz to return to his old heelish ways. This babyface character that he’s been sporting for quite some time now just hasn’t been working out. It hasn’t gotten the crowd responses that everyone had hoped for and it was definitely time for a change.

That change came tonight.

The Miz teamed up tonight with Kofi Kingston to take on Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro, the Real Americans. Any traditional wrestling fan could sense that tonight might be the night, and they were right.

At a point in the match where Kingston was struggling, he crawled over slowly to make the tag to the Miz, when Miz went old-school heel turn on Kofi and the crowd, by removing his hand from over the rope and dropping arrogantly to the floor:


The look on Miz’s face afterward says it all. The old Miz is back.

Now that everyone has what they wanted, the question now is, where do they go from here? Obviously a feud with Kingston is in the immediate future, but what about long term?

I guess we’re going to find that out with time. Let’s just hope the creative team has something in mind.

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