Biggest NFL Week 11 Overreactions

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It’s way better to pick apart the imperfections of a win in the NFL, than to depressingly lament over everything that went wrong in a loss. There are no moral victories in the NFL, and there aren’t style points either. Stats are great, but the win/loss columns are the only numbers that really matter. That doesn’t stop us fans from overreacting for everything we see or don’t see on the field on Sunday. Here are the overreactions, and an under-reaction from Week 11 in the NFL.

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  • john graham

    The ref calls really hinge on do they get the rules.Frankly I don’t get why the none calls during the game and the calls in the red zone unless we are talking money here.I’ve seen two players hold Julius with arms wrapped around him and no call and yet Slauson had a arm only slowing down a defensive player which would have meant a TD and win for the Bears over Detroit.The call against the 49er’s was horrible and a loss.The call last night against the patriots was horrible the guy was wrapped around Gronkowski holding him and how do they know he couldn’t have got to the ball come on man are we getting kick backs here.Your ref training school needs updating and the so called rules stop messing with the game.Geez we are all in a daaable check here man there isn’t enough beer to hide these blatant calls Sad