Can Ryse: Son of Rome have success on Xbox One?


The Xbox One is set to launch later this week and one of the games that will be available is from a company known for pushing the boundaries in terms of graphics.

Crytek will release the action-adventure game Ryse: Son of Rome exclusively for the new console from Microsoft. This might seem somewhat perplexing because Crytek is venturing into uncharted waters with this type of game.

They usually focus on making first-person shooters that look great, but this game has the potential of being successful.

The game play for Ryse: Son of Rome is based on the player controlling a Roman general called Marius Titus. This will also involve working with Roman infantry by giving them commands and enemies can be finished off in combat through quick time events.

The story will follow the general from his early childhood to becoming a leader in the Roman Army. It’s being described as “an epic tale of revenge spanning an entire lifetime”.

The trailer below details the story of the game.

The players can control Marius using the controller, and at the same time control his legion through Kinect voice commands.

This does seem like a good way to use Kinect by having the player give commands.

There’s a big focus in the game with quick time events during combat. However, the game will have plenty of depth to the combat as well and the AI will be aggressive enough to challenge players.

One cool thing about the game is that there will be a variety in how you can execute players and it won’t be the same animation each time.

The game has a leveling system in that the more you play, you can earn experience and have access to higher-tier executions.

There are perks unlocked in the game for each successful execution, and those perks can do different things depending on your preference.

This type of a game has a chance to do very well on the Xbox One and the addition of voice commands is what sets it apart from other action games.

The video below is a dev diary that shows off a new level in the game.

Let me your thoughts or opinions about the game and if you plan to purchase it with the Xbox One at launch.



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