Nov 16, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Georges St-Pierre is interviewed by Joe Rogan after his welterweight championship bout against Johny Hendricks during UFC 167 at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Rogan says Georges St-Pierre should retire

After the controversial decision in the UFC 167 main event between welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks, St-Pierre announced that he wanted to take a while away from the octagon. It was a puzzling announcement from the champion that left everyone confused and it immediately drummed up some discussion about whether or not St-Pierre should actually step away.

UFC analyst Joe Rogan was the latest to sound off on the comments from St-Pierre and he believes it is time for the champion to hang up his gloves.

“I think Georges should retire,” said Rogan as transcribed by “One of the reasons I think Georges should retire is he was on my podcast and he was talking about being abducted by aliens. I was going, ‘you think you’ve been abducted by aliens?’ He starts talking about missing time. He started talking about driving his car and all of a sudden he’s at home and he has no idea he got there. I think it’s head kicks.”

“That fight he had some serious memory loss. I think he’s taken too many shots. An interesting statistic is that Georges has taken more punches and kicks in the last three fights than any of his fights, ever. In fact, 50% of the shots he’s taken his entire career were in the last three fights. I think he should get out. I know the UFC probably doesn’t want to hear me say that. I know that could be a huge rematch.”

“I think they should just give Johny Hendricks the belt. I think Johny Hendricks won that fight. I think there’s real problems with judging and I don’t think there should be a way for a guy to win a fight, but yet lose a fight.”

Do you agree with the comments from Rogan? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know your thoughts.

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  • Dick hertz

    He is out of his mind at best if you say st pierre didn’t win you can’t say it wasn’t really,really close and that’s exactly what he’s saying and others . Friggin crazy . Another thing, you can’t tell me that he was commentating and half the people watching jumped up in the 1st round and said hendricks just tapped with that guillotine and Rogen didn’t even mention anything! Wtf is going on here. Something crazy is in the works they really must have some reason for wanting hendricks to have this belt it just is so fishy . The announcers ,white, and of course the fighters, agree with white because he can make their lives miserable . tgey want a piece of the pie instead of gsp getting most of it so something is going on here. Maybe we will never know but this is like some Kennedy conspiracy b.s. GSP was humiliated and whatever else comes out of their mouths , come on people. This is crazy!! He should retire not because he lost because he didn’t but because he was so far ahead of everyone and they are catching up and why Lose to someone eventually who at your best could not tie your shoes..

  • Johnson Stillhard

    Well, I agree with everything Joe said.
    Most importantly, the aliens and the “missing time” that Georges talked about, that happened. I watched the podcast. Now, I think Joe’s explanation of “too many head kicks” is the most plausible answer there is. It could be a congenital thing. It could be some injury from wrestling or whatever. It’s not, as Georges suspects, aliens.
    That is brain damage and it came from fighting. But considering that Rush literally got down on his knees in the Octagon and begged for a shot at the title, I say he asked for it. And I say he should get back in the cage and get punched in the head by Johnie Hendricks some more. That or give up the belt.
    And if he does give up the belt, I again agree with Joe: Give it to Hendricks. He won it. No matter what the judges saw, we all watched Johny Hendricks beat the ever-loving crap out of GSP. We all saw that. Just give him the belt if St. Pierre is indeed done.
    And aliens!? Wow! Poor guy. His brains been scrambled so much, he can barely keep his life in order.