NBA Live 14 Enters Next Gen Arena


The next gen era is upon us with the PS4 launching last week and the Xbox One set to release later on this week. There is one game making a return to the new consoles and that’s NBA Live 14 with Kyrie Irving on the cover. It’s been quite sometime since a game was released for this franchise. The hardwood classic is going to have some new features that fans of the series should enjoy.

One of the features is BounceTek dribbling, an innovative physics-based dribbling system providing organic control and authentic responsiveness, introducing a rhythm-based dribble that mimics the NBA game. This will allow players to perform ankle-breaking crossovers, hesitations and much more with their favorite NBA stars.

Another feature added for the game is something called CourtQ. This allows NBA Live 14 to sync step-for-step with the actual NBA season as it happens, providing updates to over 70 player and team ratings, tendencies, stats and more, within hours after each NBA game.

The other addition made to the game is a feature called Live Season. There will be challenge-based games in the form of BIG Moments, based on the most impressive performances every night during the NBA season. Within hours at the conclusion of a game fans can play the NBA Live 14 and take on those BIG Moments ranging from a buzzer-beater in the final seconds to full-quarter challenges.

The other part of this feature is NBA Rewind, players can relive their favorite teams’ full schedule, with added objectives based on each game’s best performers. This will give players the opportunity to either relive history or rewrite it as you attempt to replicate the achievements of the NBA’s best players in the most crucial moments.

There is also something for people that like fantasy basketball with Live Ultimate Team. This will let players put together a dominant roster composed of the best NBA players to compete in head-to-head games or Fantasy Showdowns to earn coins to buy new packs of players, uniforms, contracts, and more to build the best team possible.

The presentation of the game will include commentary and analysis from ESPN’s Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy and Jalen Rose. NBA Live 14 is available today on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at all major retailers.

The trailer below highlights some of the features already mentioned.

Let me what you think of the game and if you plan to purchase it for either console.

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