The Headless Horseman, played by Richard Cetrone, is trapped inside a Masonic-Style cell in Episode 8 of 'Sleepy Hollow' entitled "Into Darkness." Photo Credit: Fox

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 8 Recap ‘Into Darkness’

Last week on Sleepy Hollow we watched as Abbie, Ichabod, and Captain Irving trapped the Headless Horseman in some sort of Masonic-style cell thanks to the information given to them by Andy Brooks. This week, we will watch as Ichabod attempts to interrogate death himself, and in the process finds out some rather game-changing information regarding the Horseman’s true motives. Sit back and relax as we take a look at this week’s all-new episode of Sleepy Hollow entitled “Into Darkness”.

Making Sense of It All

Abbie and Ichabod celebrate their small victory, hopefully the first of many to come. While this is definitely a huge win for them, it is only a small piece of the puzzle that gets increasingly weirder every single week.

After Abbie teaches Ichabod the art of the fist pump, they rejoin Captain Irving outside the cell where the Horseman is being held captive.

While Captain Irving still seems to be perplexed by this whole ordeal, I can’t help but think that he knows much more about what is going on than he alludes to.

Abbie is quick to point out that while they have indeed captured death, he is not the only supernatural being that will find their way to Sleepy Hollow. There are going to be witches, demons, sandmen, and all sorts of ugly things making their way into town with no regard for anyone else.

At this point, would it not stand to reason to get all of the information from their current captive? Unfortunately, men with no head find it increasingly difficult to speak. Abbie makes a brilliant point…could he not speak through someone who is already dead? This is where their dear friend Andy Brooks comes into play. He is certainly already dead, and has indeed spoken to the Horseman on their behalf before. Could he not deliver a message from the Horseman back to them?

Abbie asks Irving to get in contact with her sister Jenny. After all, she is a part of this, and deserves to know how far they have come.

The Missing Rider

Two men are hunting in the woods. Suddenly, the silence is broken by a white horse running through the woods; a white horse with fiery red eyes, the Horseman’s steed.

Suddenly, one of the men pulls a phone from his pocket. He makes a call to someone informing them that the rider has gone missing, and that they need to gather team three immediately. Once he hangs up the phone, the other gentleman asks him if that was German he was speaking.

Before the man can even put together his next thought, his “friend” draws his weapon on him and opens fire, sending his lifeless body to the ground. As the camera gives us a closer look at the man’s arm, we see the same marking bore by the Headless Horseman. The man is one of the Hessian Soldiers.

The Search for the Dead

Ichabod and Abbie travel through the tunnels in search of Andy. Finally, they come upon a small room at the end of one of the tunnels. There they find clothing, a chair, and what not. This is definitely where Andy has been residing. I would say living, but well…

She tells Ichabod that Andy is a creature of habit. She says that if this is where he has been staying, then this is where he will return to.

Finalizing the Team

Back at the station, we see Jenny being escorted by an officer. Captain Irving is waiting in the hallway for her. In typical Jenny fashion, she is not incredibly amused that she was picked up and brought to the station. In her defense, she was minding her business at a local coffee shop, just taking in the free Wi-Fi when the police inexplicably picked her up. I guess this will teach her to answer her cell phone.

Captain Irving asks her to join him in his office so that they may speak more privately.

He tells her that her sister asked him to contact her. At this point, she is pretty defensive. She asks him where she is, and pretty much why she couldn’t be bothered to contact her herself. He tells her that she is on assignment. She asks him if he even really knows where Abbie is right now.

He tells her that Abbie asked him to track her down because Abbie is with one of the horsemen, one of the four horsemen. He tells her that they captured him.

Jenny tells Irving that she wants to see him. He tells her that the Horseman is in a Masonic cell that should be powerful enough to hold him; however, he has never seen anything like this before.

While the two of them continue to talk, a deputy knocks on the door. He tells Irving that there is a situation at Adams Antiquities. He tells him that there is a 1065 in progress.

Jenny recognizes the name. She tells Irving that she used to do freelance acquisitions for him. She follows him out of his office and asks him what he wants. He tells her that there are a lot of things going on right now, but he needs to know one thing for sure, is she in or out?

Obviously, she is in.

Waiting on the Dead

Abbie and Ichabod sit in Andy’s little hovel waiting on him to return. Ichabod is rifling through some of his stuff when he stumbles upon an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic. Before he can investigate it any further, a terrified Andy shows up wondering why there are people in his “home.” He seems to calm quite a bit when he realizes that one of his “guests” is Abbie.

Andy seems incredibly paranoid that they are there. What kind of hold do these demonic beings hold over Andy? Abbie tells him that she needs his help, but he tells her that he has already helped her; he helped by telling her how to trap the Horseman.

She tells him that they need to communicate with him. Ichabod tells him that they are going to use him for that purpose. Ichabod points out that on the symbols on the tablet that they found are ancient symbols used to communicate with the dead. Andy is a necromancer, the Horseman’s voice.

Ichabod tells him that this is his chance at redemption.

Andy begs Abbie not to make him do this, but she tells him that he wanted to help, and this is the way he can help them. He tells her that his soul belongs to the Horseman, and that if the Horseman commands, he has no choice but to obey. Putting him in there with him is a very dangerous situation, but a risk that they must take if they are to find out what horrors await the people of Sleepy Hollow.

The Banged Up Antiquities Store

When they arrive on the scene, they realize that this was no normal robbery. The jewelry cases had been smashed; however, the most priceless jewels were still there. On top of that, the register is still full of cash.

Jenny tells Irving that she has something to show him. She unveils a secret room where she says that Adams used to store his most valuable items.

When they enter the room, they find Adams himself on the floor. He has been shot. They help him to his feet and put pressure on his wound. He asks her to bring him a box on the counter. He asks her if they got it. She tells him that the box is empty. However, on the inside they find 16th century druidic scripture.

Upon further investigation, they determine that it was Hessians who broke into the store. They plan to find a way to break the hex that is currently holding the Horseman prisoner.

Interrogating Death

Back at the cell, Abbie is frisking Andy. You can never be too careful in situations like these, especially when you are dealing with someone who is already dead.

Once they realize he is clean, they proceed. Andy tells Ichabod to consider himself warned.

They open the door, and death is staring straight into their souls.

They handcuff Andy and trap him into the chair. Like I said, you never can be too careful in a situation where you are facing two things that are already dead.

Andy attempts to speak to the Horseman, but he refuses to respond. With a little bit of pushing from Ichabod, the Horseman finally starts to show some emotion.

Ichabod continues to chip away at him. He tells the Horseman how he may be a part of something much larger on the outside; however, right now, he is nothing more than a common prisoner.

One way or another, I will learn your secrets, and you shall remain here for eternity a failure.” Ichabod says.

After a slight push from Ichabod, a locket drops from around the Horseman’s neck. As soon as he picks it up, you can hear Andy’s neck snap once again. I guess the Horseman is ready to talk now.

Suddenly, Crane recognizes the necklace. It is a necklace that his beloved wife Katrina once wore.

When they look back at Andy, they can see that his eyes have gone pitch black, and the Horseman has taken over his body.

In a very deep and menacing voice, the Horseman tells them that the necklace had belonged to Katrina. He says that Ichabod may have taken his head, but that death will not be silenced.

In the other room, Crane seems to be losing control. Bringing Katrina into this has taken things to a whole new level. Unfortunately, at this point I almost feel as if it is the Horseman who is doing the interrogating.

Abbie tells him that they need to go over what they do know. Ichabod tells Abbie that the locket was a gift to Katrina from a man to which she was once betrothed. His name was Abraham.

We then travel back in time to the night Katrina acquired the necklace.

Turns out, the gift may not have been from Ichabod directly; however, it was him who picked it out for her. Later on at the party, Abraham asks Katrina to turn around. It is then that he puts the necklace around her neck. She looks at Ichabod, somehow knowing that her betrothed had not been the one to select the piece. She tells Abraham that it is perfect and exactly what she would have chosen. Of course, he takes all of the credit for it.

She is clearly not interested in being with him, but does so because she is betrothed to him.

When Abraham walks away to tend to some business, she tells Ichabod that she is breaking off the engagement to Abraham. She tells Ichabod that she is telling him tonight. For some odd reason, Ichabod tries to talk her out of it. She tells him that she doesn’t love him, and that she never has. She tells him that her heart belongs to another.

He tells her that he will not betray his friend. She tells him that this is not about him, but her.

She tells him that this goes against everything that they believed in, and that they fought to escape such things, and should not be held to the ideals of the motherland. She tells him that when she does marry, it will be for love.

She tells him that she loves him.

Back in the modern day, Abbie is trying to make sure she understands what Ichabod is telling her.

Ichabod is slightly, but surely becoming unhinged. This connection to Katrina has him fifty shades of messed up. He tells Abbie that he must find out why the Horseman has Katrina’s necklace and how he came to possess it.

He wants to know if the Horseman knows why Moloch holds Katrina captive. Abbie is trying to steer Ichabod back on point. She is visibly getting aggravated with Ichabod’s sudden distraction.

We are looking for his weakness. Don’t let him find yours.” She tells Ichabod.

Keeping the Lights On

At the Sleepy Hollow Power West Grid, Jenny and Captain Irving have just arrived on the scene.

They noticed that the men who are supposed to be electrical workers are loading high powered weapons into their vehicle. Irving tells her to wait there while he goes to investigate. Do you think she listens; of course not.

Before Irving even realizes what is going on, one of the men is right behind him with a gun pointed at his head. Irving is able to quickly disable the man and take his weapon from him. It is then that Irving realizes that Jenny didn’t exactly follow his instructions.

She pulls out her weapon and tells the men to drop their weapons. Unfortunately for the men, Irving and Jenny did not come alone. Before the men can do anything at all, there is a S.W.A.T. team behind them ready to take fire.

The police have successfully cleared the building; however, Jenny cannot find the item that they were sent to locate. After some further investigation, she finds what looks like half of an electronic device. Just as Irving goes to make the call over the radio, the building explodes, bursting into flames. Now, the power starts to die in parts of the city. This can’t be good.

The Interrogation: Part 2

Ichabod sits in front of the Horseman. He wants to know how he came upon her necklace. The Horseman tells Ichabod that he knows all about Katrina, her fate, her destiny, everything.

This argument has become very personal. After Ichabod recounted the events that led them to where they are right now, the Horseman recounts everything that he has done to hurt Ichabod. The Horseman tells him that in the end he will kill him.

The Horseman tells Ichabod that all the time that he spent searching for him on the battlefield was time that he actually spent looking for Ichabod. He tells Ichabod that he was his mission, both then and now.

Ichabod asks the Horseman why he was looking for him on the battlefield. He tells Ichabod it was to avenge the death of his partner, Abraham.

Ok…this is getting interesting.

Just then, the lights in the interrogation cell go out. This is a direct result of the explosion at the Power Grid. This is exactly what the Hessians wanted.

Suddenly, the Horseman has freed Andy’s soul, and is trying to escape his bondage. Andy turns to Ichabod and says,

I told you this wasn’t going to end well.”

Just outside of the interrogation room, Abbie and Ichabod discuss what is going on and their next move. Abbie tells him that it will be two hours before they can get the power back on. Ichabod says that every single passing minute the Horseman goes stronger, and that these men will attempt to break the Horseman free.

Abbie tells Ichabod that Irving is on his way. Ichabod says that they must resume their interrogation. Abbie cuts him off. She says that the Horseman struck a nerve in there, and that while she believes that he did not intentionally kill his friend, she needs to know what he is talking about before they proceed.

Ichabod tells her that Abraham was devastated when Katrina broke off their engagement. He tells her that they were charged with a very important mission. They were to deliver the declaration of resolves to the first continental congress.

Ichabod tells her that while their mission was a perilous one, Abraham’s mind was otherwise occupied.

Abraham seems angrier at how this entire ordeal will make him look, rather than him actually missing her affections. I’m not quite sure why Ichabod chose this exact moment to reveal this piece of knowledge, but he tells Abraham that yesterday Katrina professed her love for him.

Abraham is suddenly incredibly defensive. Ichabod tells him that he did not intend to be the end of their relationship, and that right now they need to concentrate on the mission. Abraham draws his sword on him and demands that he arm himself. Ichabod makes every attempt to yield, but Abraham refuses to accept.

Finally, Ichabod draws his weapon and meets him in battle.

Before either one of them could draw any blood, a mysterious person shoots Abraham. It was one of the Hessian soldiers. Apparently, their little spat had drawn some unwanted attention. Ichabod makes an attempt to fight them off, but there are quite a few of them. Abraham yells for Ichabod to leave him and complete their mission.

Back in modern day, Ichabod tells her that he did not mean for Abraham to get hurt. He tells her that it was the Hessians who killed his friend, not him. Abbie tells Ichabod that this is exactly what Brooks had warned them about. The Horseman is finding Ichabod’s weakness and playing it to his advantage.

Ichabod is clearly losing control of the situation here.

Just then, there is a banging at the door. It is Irving and Jenny. From the time she walks in the door, Jenny is mystified by the Horseman.

Jenny tells them that the Hessians would have to get into the cell and recite the druidic incantations in order to break the spell, but at that point, all kinds of bad could get down there.

Irving suggests that they call for backup, but the consensus is that is a very bad idea. This is a secret war that they are fighting, and they have to be extremely cautious of whom they invite in. Irving says that he is going to post guards at every access point and that no one is getting in the tunnels.

In the other room, Brooks is pulling a rather large item out of his abdomen. How long has that been in there? He is obviously in a lot of pain, which I guess is strange for someone who is already dead.

Oh, this can’t be good. Suddenly, Andy starts to read a druidic text. It is Andy who is going to break the spell, not the Hessians.

Out of nowhere, the skulls on the medallion start to move and moan. Now, demons make their way into the tunnels.

Ichabod enters the room with the Horseman and demands to know what his unfinished business with him is. Ichabod finally realizes that Brooks has broken the hex. Behind Ichabod, the Horseman is breaking out of every single one of his chains.

The Horseman takes Ichabod by the throat and throws him across the room. The Horseman storms into another room retrieving two swords. He throws one of them to Ichabod, and then the two of them commence battle.

Suddenly, everything becomes perfectly clear to Ichabod. The Horseman of Death is his once friend Abraham.

Talk about the plot thickening.

He explains to Ichabod that he may have watched Abraham die, but that was only the beginning. Then, Moloch came to him. The other soldiers shaved his head and the mask was put upon him. Suddenly, he was brought back to life.

Ichabod tells him that he has made a deal with the devil.

“He has given me what I’ve always wanted, revenge.” The Horseman says.

The Horseman tells Ichabod that his prize is not his revenge on Ichabod, but Katrina. Once his mission is complete, Katrina’s soul will be his once more.

Suddenly, Andy calls out for the demons to secure the Horseman. Just before the Horseman can dispatch of Ichabod, Andy tells him that he has to stop, that the master forbids it. Quickly, Andy tells Ichabod to apologize to Abbie for him, and just like that, Andy and the Horseman disappear in a cloud of dust.

While it would seem that they are at a loss, the truth is the exact opposite. They now know the Horseman’s weakness; Ichabod’s wife Katrina.

This is most definitely a lot of information to take in at one time. His best friend is the Horseman of Death, Ichabod feels as if it was all his fault, and now the woman he loves is in danger of being taken once again by the Horseman.

Ichabod still cannot comprehend why the Horseman did not kill him. He explains to Abbie that Brooks and the demons stopped him from being murdered. Abbie thinks that it is possible that Crane wasn’t his to kill.

Now, the question is…who is it that is truly after Ichabod?

This is certainly an interesting twist in the plot. A whole new set of questions have been opened up. These are definitely questions that need answers, but at the same time, those answers may bring an unknown danger down upon both of the witness’ heads.

Here is a sneak peek at next week’s all-new episode of Sleepy Hollow.

Make sure to check back with us next week as we take a look at the all-new episode of Sleepy Hollow entitled “Sanctuary.”

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Sleepy Hollow airs on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. on Fox.

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