Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in Season 6 Episode 11 of "Sons of Anarchy" entitled "Aon Rud Persanta." Photo Credit: FX

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6 Episode 11 Recap ‘Aon Rud Persanta’

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In the official preview for tonight’s all-new episode of Sons of Anarchy, they refer to the episode as an epic turning point for SAMCRO. Knowing what we know about the club’s current situation, this cannot be good news for the MC. Let’s take a look at tonight’s all-new episode of Sons of Anarchy entitled ‘Aon Rud Persanta.’

To be honest with you, I only have two word for tonight’s episode, and only one of them are clean enough to print, so I’ll leave that one to your imagination.

The New Rules

When we start tonight’s episode we see Tara waking her boys in the morning. She picks up Thomas and heads into Abel’s room. Abel is still sound asleep in his bed. Then, she walks down the hallway to see that the bed has not been slept in all night. When she passes the living room, she notices a pillow and a blanket on the couch. Rat is in the kitchen waiting on Tara.

She asks him to leave so that she can feed her son. As Rat is on his way out, Tara stops him and asks when she drops the boys off at daycare, who does he watch then?

You. But no daycare. Jax doesn’t want him at St. Thomas anymore.” Rat says as he walks out the door.

The Immunity Agreement

Jax and the rest of the club meet with Patterson to discuss the terms of their deal. She tells him that it covers everyone in and associated with the MC. She also hands him Tara’s deal, just as she promised; no jail time.

She tells him that they are both signed and approved, but they would not be executed until he delivers both Galen and the guns. He tells her that the drop is going to be at their old warehouse, and that Galen will be there with the guns sometime between 11 – 1 p.m.

She tells him that they’ll talk again once they’re done.

Once Patterson pulls away, Chibs walks up to Jax and asks him if he thinks that helped.

I don’t know. At least I’ll know I tried.” Jax says.

Forgiveness Is Never Easy

Nero and Gemma are having coffee at the kitchen table. Nero tells Gemma that Wendy really needs to get into rehab. Gemma tells him that she will make the calls. She tells him that they have a rough history, and that she is trying to help her more than hurt her for a change.

Nero asks her if any of this mercy may spill over into Tara’s cup. She tells him that she can’t go there. He tries to tell her about the relationship that he had with his ex and the damage that she did to their son in the womb. He tells her that he has to live with all of that because he never made it right with her when she was alive.

I can’t forgive her, Nero. Not now.” Gemma says.

The Substitute

Tara pulls up to Teller Morrow. The boys get out of the car, and Abel immediately runs up to Unser. Tara tells him that she has to meet with her new lawyer and asks him if he can watch them for a little bit, as she is no longer “allowed” to take them to daycare.

Of course, Wayne agrees.

Tara thanks him and walks away. Wayne stops her.

Tara. I’m sorry the way all this went down. I know your heart was in the right place.” He says. “Unfortunately, where my heart is means very little.” She replies.

The New Lawyer

Tara meets with her new lawyer at her office at St. Thomas’. He says that everything is in order; however, if there is anything that her previous attorney didn’t know, now would be a good time to tell him. She shakes her head.

He tells her that he is prepared to execute the divorce and custody paperwork; however she needs to understand the risk involved. You see, if she uses the transcripts in order to gain custody of the boys, then Jax will have the right to tell his side of the story. Once he does that, it becomes public record and the ADA can use that information in the Pamela Toric trial. In other words, they can use the information about the fake pregnancy, the fake miscarriage, and the fake medical records in order to destroy her credibility; which is exactly what it will do.

For some reason, she seems shocked by this.

Essentially, she has put herself in a position where she has to choose between her boys or her freedom; however, as the lawyer said, there is no guarantee of either.

Unfortunately, just as the decisions that people like Gemma and Wendy make affect the path that their lives take, the same applies to the good doctor. She made this bed, and now she has to deal with the torn sheets.

The Master Plan

One by one, the members file in as they ride to the airstrip. It is there that they meet with Connor to go over the plan for extracting Clay. The trucks they will be driving are untraceable.

Connor walks the club though the plan. He tells them the route of the trucks. He says that it will be quick, fast, and easy.

He explains that Clay’s transport will be accompanied by a lead and follow vehicle, all of which will be heavily armed. He tells Jax that they have four different delivery trucks, all different colors and jobs.

Jax seems like he is only half paying attention here. This leads one to wonder what else is at play here.

The boys suit up in their delivery uniforms and plan to pull off the extraction of the century.

At the prison, Clay is being loaded into the transport vehicle.

The club splits into their separate vehicles and hit the road to get into position.

The Confession

When Gemma pulls into TM, she sees the Abel playing off in the distance. Unser and Thomas are sitting in her office. She tells Wayne that she is going to take the boys to the house to see Wendy. She tells him that she thinks it will do her some good.

Wayne tells her that everything he did in regards to helping Tara was for the good of the boys. He asks her what happens when/if Tara gets off. He says that she is still their mother. Gemma tells him that this will be Jax’s call. Then, he asks her what happens if she does go away. Who will take care of the boys? She tells him that she will. He seems a little skeptical here.

He tells her that being a grandmother and being a mom are two different things.

I’m aware of the burden, Wayne.” She says as she takes Thomas.

Then he asks her about Opie, Half Sack, and Phil. He asks her what their mothers would have done if they could do it over again. She tells him that you only get one chance to love and raise your children, and that she is going to do this right. He stresses to her how much the times have changed, and that there is nothing good or idealistic about the club left. It is all dirty and sad.

She asks him if he really doesn’t want the boys there, then why is he still helping her. He tells her that no matter what may happen he loves her; that he is in love with her. We have known this all along, but it is a whole other thing to hear it.

Putting the Plan Into Action

While Juice and Jax are having a conversation in the truck, Jax gets a call from Connor telling him that they are in motion. The plan is now in full effect.

They all pull out and get on the road.

Suddenly, the truck with Tig and Bobby crashes into the follow vehicle. The second truck comes and picks up Bobby and Tig. They continue to pursue the transport vehicle. All four trucks box the transport in. Jax gets in front of vehicle and tells them to let Clay out. The officer starts to talk about how their vehicle is a tank. All of a sudden, Jax draws his weapon and shoots out the windshield of the vehicle.

Now, the officers have a change of heart and give them the keys to the back. Jax goes around back and let’s Clay out. Clay seems visibly shocked as to why it is Jax freeing him.

Where the hell are the Irish?” Clay asks. “In Ireland,” Jax responds.

Back at the docks, the MC is loading up and leaving empty handed. Just then, they get the call about Clay’s transport being attacked. Suddenly, Patterson knows that she has been had.

Just as Jax and the rest of the club are preparing to pull away from the scene, one of the officers decides to be a hero and puts a bullet in Bobby’s shoulder. In what turned out to be a split second decision, Juice just runs the cop right over. I think it is safe to say that the officer is dead. He apologizes to Jax, and tells him that he had to do it because the officer would have just kept shooting. Jax understands.

Apparently, the bullet in Bobby’s shoulder is way beyond something that they can handle on the road. Unfortunately, we all know what this means.

Healing the Wounds

Tara arrives at the house to pick up the boys just as the phone rings. It is Jax on the other line. Nero invites her to stay for lunch. Of course she declines. She asks Nero what Wendy is doing there. He tells her that they haven’t been able to get her into a rehab yet, so they are looking out for her in the meantime. He suggests to her that a doctor should take a look at her. Tara tells her that he should really find one.

Gemma comes walking back into the room and tells her that Jax has been trying to get ahold of her. She tells Tara that Bobby has been shot. Tara is understandably flustered here. She asks Gemma if she expects them to be able to move on as if nothing has ever happened. Gemma tells her that she is willing to pretend if it will save Bobby’s life.

Tara tells her that she needs to stop by her house and pick up her bag. Wayne is going to watch the kids until they can get back.

Jax and the rest of the club pull into the airstrip. Chibs tells Jax that he has stopped the bleeding, but it is pretty bad. Jax tells him that Tara is on the way.

Clay approaches Juice. He thanks him for helping bust him out. He gives him a hug and kisses him on the cheek. What is it with everyone kissing Juice?

One of Galen’s men comes out and tells them that Galen is ready for them. They make their way over to his office.

When they walk into the room, Clay thanks Galen for extracting him. Galen tells him that the gratitude is his, and that they have a lot of work to do. This exact moment in time is where things start to go topside, and decisions have to be made.

As Galen goes to shake Jax’s hand, the MC pulls their guns out, take out Galen’s men, and then Jax shoots Galen right in the head. No questions asked; just dead.

I think it is right then that Clay understood what was really going on.

We had a vote. Decided this had to happen.” Jax says.

Tig asks Jax how this is going to play out with Nero, Gemma, and Tara. Jax tells him it will be the same way.

Finally, the cavalry arrives, and Tara gets a good look at Bobby. Jax tells Juice to go help Tara. Jax thanks Nero and Gemma for helping.

Clay and Gemma have a short exchange before Clay tells her that he is happy she isn’t alone. He leans in and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Nero is really unsure about Jax’s methods about getting out of guns. Nero tells him that he doesn’t know if he can take much more.

Tara tells Jax that Bobby’s wounds are really bad. She tells him that she needs to stabilize him,  but that’s he can’t do that here. Jax tells her that they will take him to the cabin. She agrees, but tells him that she has to stop by St. Thomas to pick up some supplies.

Clay asks him what happens now.

We settle with the Irish.” Jax says.

Connor is almost there, so the club needs to set their plan in motion if they are going to get it done in time.

So, I guess you had another vote I wasn’t privy to.” Clay says. “Yeah, we did. This time it was unanimous.” Jax said. “Fair enough.” Clay says.

Uh oh…

Clay, Jax, Chibs, Juice, and Tig all walk into the office where Galen and his men’s bodies lie bloodied on the ground. Unfortunately, the blinds on the windows are quite open.

Knowing full well what is going to happen, Clay stands in front of his former brothers like a man. Chibs pulls out a gun, cocks it, and hands it to Jax.  With little to no hesitation, Jax raises the gun and shoots Clay right in the throat. Just outside the door, Gemma, Tara, and Nero are watching. Gemma is incredibly disturbed.

Blood is squirting everywhere out of Clay’s neck. Once he hits the ground, Jax empties the rest of the gun in Clay’s chest. One can only imagine that he is letting go of all of the anger that he has about what happened to his father, his wife, and his best friend.

When Jax emerge from the room, he walks straight over to Gemma and asks her if she is ok. She tells him that she will take Tara to St. Thomas to get what she needs. Gemma hugs Jax and leaves with Tara and Nero to the hospital.

Jax tells Nero that what they did today was bury the last piece of a very broken past. What the two of them are doing together is SAMCRO’s future.

Jax opens the car door for Tara and thanks her for helping him. For a split second, she grabs his hand as she gets into the car. This is not something that goes unnoticed by Jax.

Jax tells Rat to take Bobby up to the cabin and that he will meet them there.

After everyone is gone, Jax and Chibs set the scene to look like an argument between Clay and Galen went horribly wrong and that each side took the other one out. They also leave the KG-9’s in a conspicuous place where they can be easily found. It is like he is gift wrapping this for Patterson.

Saying Goodbye

On the car ride home, Gemma is having trouble dealing with what she has just seen. Fortunately, Tara and her new devil may care attitude allows her to explain the situation to Nero; what Clay had done to Piney, herself, and everything else. She tells him that he should have died a long time ago.

Gemma starts to cry. She apologizes. She tells him that she hated him so much.

While all this is going on Tara’s phone starts to ring; it’s Patterson. She tells Tara that she needs to talk to her about the Sons of Anarchy, and asks her if she can meet her at her office. Tara tells her no. Patterson then asks if she can meet her at her office at the hospital. Tara tells her ok.

Tara tells Gemma that it was her lawyer.

For one split second, Tara and Gemma have a moment. Something these two haven’t had in a very long time. Unfortunately, a word that seems to be tossed around a lot tonight, we all know this isn’t going to last.

Finishing the Job

When Connor gets there, they escort him back to the room where everyone’s bodies are. Connor gets this immediate feeling that his life is about to get much worse.

Jax tells him the story that they concocted. Jax tells him that this is what he is to tell the Kings. Jax tells Connor that any other truth and he will come out looking like a failure.

Jax tells him to tell them that August Marks is their only option in Northern Cali. He says that it is work with black or lose it all. Connor tells Jax that he played him. Jax replies that he did, right into the number one spot. He tells him that it is up to him if he is going to stay there.

You’re a smart, decent guy, Connor. We both know this had to happen. It was going to be you and me lying on the floor if it didn’t. They earned that blood. So, let’s move past it so we can both go home to our families.” Jax says.

Connor tells him that he will call Belfast in the morning.

Jax tells him that he has to leave the KG-9’s here with the bodies, but that he can take the other guns and store them at the beverage warehouse. He tells him that he needs to deal with a local problem.

Jax and Connor shake hands, and the deal is done.

The Two Faced Rat

When they get to the hospital, Tara heads inside to get the supplies while Gemma and Nero wait in the car. Gemma tells him that she doesn’t know why she is so sad. He tells her that no matter what, Clay was a big part of her life, and that it’s gonna take a minute. She tells him that Clay isn’t worth a minute.

She asks him if he is out with the club. He tells her that he suffers from the Godfather Paradox; the more distance he tries to create, the closer he gets.

She tells him that Jax loves him. She can tell in the way that Jax looks at him and listens to him.

Yeah, well, I’m too old to adopt.” Nero says. “You can always marry me.” Gemma replies. “No offense, Mama. I’ve seen what happens to your husbands. It ain’t pretty.” He says. “No. It’s not.”

Patterson and Roosevelt are waiting for Tara in her office. Roosevelt asks her where she was today. He tells her about what happened with Clay and his transport. Patterson tells her that the other complications she had going are now off the table, so she has decided to offer Tara her deal in exchange for her cooperation against the MC.

She tells Tara that if she wants witness protection they will have to use RICO, which will mean that Tara will have to provide them with proof of a Federal crime.

Tara asks what she would have to do. Patterson tells her that all she has to do is provide them with irrefutable evidence. Tara asks her if pulling a bullet out of the shoulder of a club member, the sheriff’s bullet, would that be the evidence they need. Patterson tells her that with her testimony, yes.

Tara tells her that she needs time, at least 24 hours. Tara tells them that she has to go, and that Gemma is waiting outside.

Just after Tara walks out, Roosevelt’s deputy knocks on the door. He tells them about the situation at the airstrip, and the fact that both Galen and Clay are dead.

Fixing Bobby

Back at the cabin, Tara is putting the finishing touches on repairing Bobby. She pulls the bullet from his shoulder and carefully places it on the table. Tara tells her that there is just one more little piece, and Bobby should be out of the woods.

The club breathes a sigh of relief as Bobby opens his eyes.

The Aftermath

When Roosevelt and Patterson arrive on the scene, they see just how this bloody scene played out.

Teller kept his promise. He gave you Galen and the guns.” Roosevelt says. “No he didn’t.” Patterson says. ‘The deal I made didn’t include a stack of dead bodies.”

This woman is desperate to use this tragedy to further her career, and no matter how many different answers lie in front of her, she will not rest until she completes the on that ends with SAMCRO being gone forever.

Decision Time

Jax thanks Tara for helping with Bobby. He is aware that she didn’t have to help them. She tells him that she is glad that Bobby is going to be ok.

I understand why you did everything you did.” Jax says. “I’m sorry being with me took you to that place.” He says as he walks out of the room.

Tara gets up and closes and locks the door behind her. She pulls a piece of gauze out of her pocket. Inside is the bullet she pulled out of Bobby. Is Tara really going to take that to Patterson and turn on everything that she has ever known?

This is by far the bloodiest, most violent, and downright game changing episode all season long. While I don’t put much past this new Tara, the fact that she is even considering cooperating with Patterson shakes me to a whole new level. Do you believe that she is actually going to rat out the club?

Unfortunately, see…there’s that word again, there is no new episode of Sons of Anarchy next week. We will all have to wait until December 3rd to see what happens next. There are only two episodes left this season, so don’t expect this rollercoaster ride to come to a halt until the very end.

While we impatiently wait for two weeks to pass until the next episode to arrive, here is a look at that episode.

Make sure to check back with us in two weeks as we take a look at the next all-new episode of Sons of Anarchy entitled ‘You Are My Sunshine.’

Need to catch up on the series? Maybe you just want a refresher? You can see out entire list of episode recaps right here.

Sons of Anarchy airs on Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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