Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga as Kyle and Zoe in Episode 7 of "American Horror Story: Coven" entitled "The Dead." Photo Credit: FX

‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Episode 7 Recap ‘The Dead’

When the dead walk the Earth, chaos will ensue. The story is no different on this season of American Horror Story: Coven. The Axeman has been released unto the world, Cordelia knows the truth about Fiona, Madison has returned from her long slumber, and Kyle is looking more and more like Frankenstein every day. So…with that being said, let’s take a look at tonight’s all-new episode of American Horror Story: Coven entitled “The Dead.”

Mix and Match

When tonight’s episode opens, we see Kyle and all his frat boy friends in a tattoo shop. This is obviously a flashback to happier times. All of his friends are getting inked; everyone except for him.

Try as they might, his friends just can’t convince him to join in the fun. Although, he does have quite the obsession with the band Toto, but that is a different story.

He tells a story about the levies falling during Hurricane Katrina. He says that he wants to be an engineer to ensure that something like that never happens again. See…I knew Kyle was a good person inside.

Kyle says that he wants to be able to walk into a meeting with the mayor or the governor, be able to roll up his sleeves and have nothing that portrays him as anything other than their knight in shining armor.

One of his friends got a four leaf clover on his arm. His other friend got a Chinese proverb on his leg that supposedly means beginning and end. Let’s be real, though…we all know that it says something totally generic as the symbols on the wall hardly ever mean what they say they do.

When we finally snap back to the present day and see Kyle chained to the floor in the greenhouse, he has both of those tattoos on his own body. I guess those are the people Madison and Zoe took their necessary “boy parts” from when they put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

From what I can gather, Kyle’s brain seems to be working fine. He understands when people speak to him, and he tries to communicate with them; especially Zoe. However, nothing seems to come out right.

There and Back Again

Madison sits atop the staircase.

She tells the story of her life; her struggles to live, love, and just exist.

It seems that our one defining trait is a numbness to the world, an indifference to suffering. I know I did anything I could to not feel; sex, drugs, booze, and just take away the pain.”

She says that she would give up everything she has just to feel pain again. We watch as she takes every single poison, potion, plant, and herb that Fiona had; however, nothing made her feel. Thankfully for her, one of the things she took made her look normal again.

We think that pain is the worse feeling. How can anything be worse than this eternal silence in front of me?”

Madison proceeds to eat every single thing in the house; however, she can’t seem to fill the hole inside of her. Unfortunately, I believe that the part of her that made her soul complete stayed on the other side.

I think I’m going bats***. I need to do something.” She says.

Cleaning Up the Mess

Zoe comes to the greenhouse to see Kyle. What he doesn’t see is the gun that she is hiding behind her back. When he does, he panics and backs away from her.

She tells him that he is a great guy, but she didn’t let him go when she should have. She tells him that she used her power to bring him back, but he killed his mother. Unfortunately, he can’t speak to tell her why.

She tells him that there is only one way that this can end. Before she can do anything he snatches the gun away from her and puts it in his mouth. Suddenly, she realizes that she doesn’t want him to die.

Zoe runs to him and tries to take the gun from him. The gun goes off, shattering one of the panes of glass in the roof. Thankfully, she gets the gun away from him. She wraps her arms around him as both of them cry.

She tells him that she doesn’t want him to die.

Late Night Snack

Later that night, Queenie is down in the kitchen looking for something to eat. Madame LaLaurie comes down the stairs to find her at the kitchen counter looking for food. Madame LaLaurie tells her that she heard a noise and thought that they had vermin.

No self-respecting vermin would live here. Ain’t nothing to eat.” Queenie says.

Madame LaLaurie tells her that they have plenty of food. That is before she notices all the empty containers on the kitchen counter that Madison left behind. Suddenly, we see Queenie and Madame LaLaurie in the drive-thru at the Frostop getting food.

Delphine says that this is the best food that she has ever had, and that is saying something.

I’m starting to understand why you’re so enormous.” Delphine says.

Queenie is quick to point out that Delphine is not exactly skinny herself. Delphine tells her that she means no offense, but Queenie tells her that she does all the time.

They discuss how the current times perplex them both.

I dragged my ass all the way here from Detroit to be with my “sister witches”, and instead I’m sitting in the fast food parking lot with an immortal racist. How’d that happen?” Queenie says.

The Late Night Phone Call

In the middle of the night, Cordelia’s phone rings. In an attempt to reach it from her bed, she knocks over her cane and breaks a glass that was sitting on the table. That’s not exactly how I would choose to be awakened.

On the other line is her murderous, lying, mole of a soon-to-be ex-husband. Hank tells her how much he misses her and how he wants to come home. She tells him it is late and to go to bed just before she hangs up on him.

I’ll see you soon, baby.” He says well after she has hung up the phone.

As the camera pans out, we see a small arsenal sitting on the floor in front of him. Oh, my…what is he planning to do with all of that, raid the shores of Normandy?

The Vision

Cordelia is walking throughout the upstairs portion of the house. She continually calls out for Delphine, but gets no answer. She hears someone down the hallway and follows the sound. She asks who it is and says that she knows they are there.

Just before Cordelia is about to fall down the stairs, Madison grabs her arm and pulls her back. Thanks to Cordelia’s new found “sight” she immediately knows that it is Madison and exactly what happened to her. Something even Madison cannot remember.

The One Night Stand

I think it is safe to say that Fiona went home with the Axeman. By home, I mean shady motel of course.

He certainly knows how to charm a lady. He puts on some slow jazz music and walks over to her, inviting her to sit down. He pours her a glass of bourbon and joins her at the table.

He lights her cigarette for her. She excuses herself and heads to the bathroom. She cleans herself up in the mirror; however, she notices something rather disturbing. There is a dead body sitting in his bathtub. For some strange reason, this doesn’t bother her all that much; at least not enough to leave.

He asks her how her bourbon is, and makes a comment about women not usually liking the harsher alcohols. She tells him not to assume anything about her, her taste in whiskey or men.

She tells him that she is out of sleeping pills, and that this is a bad idea. He tells her that this is not a one night stand; however, this is exactly what Fiona says it is. He tells her that it could be their destiny, but she just laughs.

They start out having a conversation about love and relationships, and in the blink of an eye it turns into a conversation about good old fashioned sex. Well…that escalated quickly.

He uses his music as a form of seduction on her. She laughs through it all, but somehow it ends up working. Strange how these thing happen.

The Upgrade

Zoe brings Kyle into the house. Of course, she had to bring his chains with him so he doesn’t kill anyone or smash things.

Now, she is trying to “teach” him how to communicate. She even has flash cards. They make it through the one entitled food pretty easily, but it all goes downhill pretty quickly when he knocks everything out of her hands. The frustration he is feeling must be reaching a boiling point.

She tells him that’s he is trying to help him so he can function like a person.

He tries to eat some of the food that she put down for him, but when he starts to struggle with it, he smashes the bowl and goes into a rage.

Just then, Madison walks in, completely nonchalant about the rampage Kyle is having right in front of her.

For a minute, Madison doesn’t remember who Kyle is. Zoe has to remind her, more importantly remind Madison that she is the one who killed him.

Zoe tells her that Cordelia wants to see her. Of course she couldn’t resist making a joke about Cordelia’s sight, but she does infer that she wants to speak to Zoe.

Madison tells her to go ahead, and that she will look out for Kyle.

When Zoe leaves, Madison joins Kyle on the floor. At first he shies away from her, but then for some reason he calms down. She tells him that they have both been dead, and begins to tell him about her experience. She says that somehow it feels emptier there. She begins to relate to him on a level that Zoe never will.

The two of them begin to hug.

An Unexpected Visitor

Marie is in her shop talking to a man about fish heads. She can see Queenie from behind the door, and asks her if she is going to come in.

Marie tells her that she is surprised that it took her so long to come and see her. Marie attempts to convince her that she will never be welcome in the Coven because she is black. She says that they only reason that they’re even there is because their grandpas couldn’t run fast enough.

When Queenie tries to defend the Coven, Marie tells her about the evil that is Delphine LaLaurie. Marie tells her that she has done far worse than the stories tell. Marie tells her that once she knows what Delphine has done, she will want to come live with them; however, the price of admission is Delphine LaLaurie. She has to bring her to Marie, and she will never have to feel inferior ever again.

Marie tells her that if she joins her witchcraft with their voodoo that she will be so powerful that even the Supreme won’t be able to touch her.

Queenie tells her that it was never her intention to stay with them. She says that she needs to get home. Before she leaves, she asks Marie what she plans to do to Delphine if she brings her to her. She tells her not to worry about it.

The Plan

Cordelia has changed a lot since she has left the hospital. The loss of her sight made her see a lot of things that have been right in front of her face all along. She seems much bitterer now.

She tells Zoe that the only difference between now and before is that now she can see it.

She tells Zoe that after what happened between her and the Axeman, she knows that she is one powerful witch; however, with that power comes a target on her back. She tells her if Fiona begins to think that Zoe is next in line to be Supreme, that she will cut her throat the same way that she did Madison.

Fiona tells Zoe that Fiona killed Madison because she thought that she was the next Supreme and wanted to absorb her power.

If she even thinks you’re next, you’re next.” Cordelia says.

She tells Zoe that Fiona is fading, and that makes her more dangerous. Now that Zoe is pretty scared, she asks her what they are going to do.

It’s simple. We’re going to kill my mother. Kill her once, kill her good, kill her dead.” Cordelia says.

Zoe is all kind of shell shocked by this. She walks straight back to her room; however, when she opens the door, she gets the surprise of her life. Madison and Kyle are having some pretty rabid sex up against the cabinet.

Needless to say, she walks out of the room, closing the door behind her.

The Morning After

Fiona and The Axeman are still together the next morning. She is getting dressed when he wakes up. She tells him that they shared a pretty good evening; however, the dead body in the bathroom was about to start putting off some pretty noxious fumes.

He tells her that she is no angel, but says that she always did have someone to clean up after her.

She tells him that she has enjoyed their little romantic game; but that she has called the police and they will be there shortly. He doesn’t believe her in the slightest. He says that he knows she hates the cops.

He tells her that she is afraid of her own pleasure, and that makes her weak. She says that she doesn’t even know his name, and she doesn’t care to. He tells her that she may not know him, but there is nothing that he doesn’t know about her.

Apparently, he has had his eye on her since she was 8 years old. When she was younger, she was being bullied by one of the older girls. When the girl goes to attack Fiona, a cabinet mysteriously falls right on top of the girl. She asks him if that was him, and says that she knew she wasn’t responsible for that.

He tells her that the bully had it coming.

Now, she wants to know who and what he is.

He says that at first he saw her as the daughter that he never had; however, as he watched her grow, he realized that there was nothing fragile about her. He says that’s she was the most fearsome thing that ever lived. He said that while others only saw the fearless manipulator, he saw so much more.

He tells her that his feelings became complicated, and that he fell in love with her, but not like a father, like a man.

She tells him that she doesn’t believe in ghosts. The two of them begin to kiss again, but the she pulls away from him and slaps him in the face rather hard.

She tells him to keep his distance and to go haunt someone else’s life as she walks out the door.

The Condemnation of the Servant

When Spalding awakens, he finds himself strapped to the bed in his room.

Hi, Spalding. How are you feeling?” Zoe asks. “Fine.” He responds.

Wait…did he just talk? Why yes…yes he did. How, you may ask? Apparently, when Zoe was rummaging through the house, she came upon a rather interesting artifact; Spalding’s tongue. She says that the only reason it wasn’t shriveled up and useless is because someone, being Myrtle, enchanted it.

Zoe says that Myrtle wasn’t witch enough to reconstitute it, but she was.

Unfortunately, you know what this means. Now, Spalding will find himself incapable of lying.

She tells him that the only thing she wants is the one thing he can’t deny her; the truth.

She asks him if he is the one who killed Madison Montgomery. He tells her that Madison is alive. She tells him that wasn’t the question. “No!” he exclaims, unable to protect Fiona any longer.

She infers that he knows who did. He tells her he does.

She demands that he say the name. No matter how hard he resists, he can’t help from saying Fiona’s name. He says that as long as there is a tongue in his mouth, he will continue to say her name and he will bless it.

Zoe tells him that Fiona is not his Supreme, but his employer. He tells Zoe that his family has assisted the Coven for 10 generations, and that he has devoted his life to it.

Suddenly, and with no warning, she sinks a dagger into his chest.

You’re done talking.” Zoe says.

As much as she claims to despise her, she is a lot more like Fiona than she would care to admit. However, Fiona is going to be pretty upset when she learns what Zoe has just done to Spalding.

The Deception

When Queenie comes downstairs, Delphine is in the kitchen carving a ham. She asks her if she cares for some. Queenie tells her that she needs to ask her something.

What’s the worst thing you ever did?” Queenie asks. “The past is best left buried.” Delphine says.

Queenie says that she feels like they have a connection. She tells Delphine that her mother always said that to be a true friend, you have to see the ugly to appreciate the good. Delphine asks her if she really thinks that they could be true friends. Queenie nods.

Delphine tells her that she has one slight regret.

We now flash back to her past life. Delphine and her husband are sitting at the dinner table with a young slave in front of them. Her husband is barely trying to hide the fact that he has his hand on her backside.

Delphine tells the girl that she has missed her presence, and that she understands that she just had a baby boy.

She says that one of the other slaves told her that the baby is beautiful, with a complexion as light as cream. Uh oh…I am pretty sure I can see where this is going.

She tells her that with Borquita serving her punishment, she is need of a new handmaiden. She asks the girl if she would like to join her later to assist in her beauty regimens. The girl eagerly agrees.

Later that evening, the girl meets Madame LaLaurie in her chambers. Delphine describes all of the potions and extracts that she has, but says that not one of them work. She tells her that the only thing she has found that does the job is of her own creation. She asks her if she can guess what it is made of. The girl tells her that it looks like blood.

Very good.” She says. “You’re a smart girl. This batch is extra special. Can you guess why?” she asks. “It came from a boy, newly born. Youth begets youth. I know who’s been between your legs, whore. You needn’t bother giving that boy a name.” she says callously.

She tells Queenie that the next day, the young girl through herself off of the balcony, cracking her head wide open. She says that they buried her with the baby. Delphine said that it was the right thing to do.

You have no idea what doing the right thing even means.” Queenie says.

She tries to explain to Queenie that not only was it a different time, but it was a different world. She tells her that she is grateful to have someone, a true friend to guide her. Oh, if only…Delphine. If only.

The Weakening Supreme

For the second time this episode, Fiona notices that she is losing hair by the clump. Panicked, she grabs a pair of clippers and begins to motion like she is going to shave her entire head. Just before doing it, she can hear jazz music in the background. Suddenly, she puts the clippers down.

I have a feeling that the “relationship” between her and the Axeman is far from over.

The Awkward Threesome

Zoe is in the shower washing Spalding’s blood off of her. Slowly, the water beats down on her, washing all the red down the drain. Just as she turns the water off and secures her towel, Madison opens the curtain, asking her what she has been up to.

Do you mind?” Zoe asks. “No, I don’t mind. But you do.” Madison says.

Madison brings up the rather awkward situation that Zoe walked in on earlier. She says that she brought him back from the dead, certainly she likes him a little.

Look, it’s not like we can be together anyways.” Zoe says. “Why not?” Madison asks. “He already died once. It’s going to take more than that thing between your legs to kill him.”

Zoe asks Madison if she is done with him. She tells her no way. She says that was the first time since she has been back that she has felt anything at all, and that she is not giving that up; however, that doesn’t mean that Zoe has to either. Hmm…what is she proposing?

Madison takes her hand and leads her into the room. Kyle is sitting in the bed with his shirt unbuttoned. He is giving her “that” look. Madison sits on the bed next to him and extends her hand towards Zoe. I swear that Kyle almost smiles before doing the same.

Zoe takes both of their hands and walks towards them. The camera pans down towards the floor. The last thing you see is Zoe’s towel hitting the floor and their feet disappearing.

No One Can Resist The Musician

Back at the club, Fiona waits on the Axeman as he finishes his set.

She asks him if she can buy him a drink. He accepts. I told you this wasn’t over.

The New Hairdo, I Mean…Set Up

Delphine says that she is nervous about getting a her hair done. Queenie tells her that she has had the same stanky hairstyle for 150 years, and that it was time to switch it up.

Suddenly, as you can imagine, they are in Marie’s shop. Delphine seems so genuinely excited to finally have a friend, and then the girl has to go and double cross her. Not just Delphine, but the entire Coven. I think it is safe to say that once they know that she is working with Marie that she will be persona non grata at the Academy.

As soon as Delphine hears Marie’s voice her entire demeanor changes. Delphine tells Queenie that she doesn’t know what this woman will do to her. Queenie tells her that is the reason she brought her there. Why must they always make me love the characters I should hate and hate the characters I once loved. All this drama is going to make me insane.

Delphine seems as if she is confused and completely heartbroken. She screams and begs to be let go.

When next we see her, Delphine is locked in a cage that looks eerily similar to the ones that she used to keep her slaves in. Marie brings out this obnoxious looking knife and asks Queenie if she would like to make the first cut.

As Queenie approaches her, Delphine screams for her to stay away from her.

Finally, we see Marie sitting at her mirror. Much like Madame LaLaurie had done in the past, she uses her makeup brush to apply Delphine’s blood to her face and neck. I don’t care who says what, Marie may claim to be doing what she does in the name of vengeance, but she is absolutely no better than Delphine used to be.

Now that we are just passing the halfway point in the series, things are going to start heating up. Is Queenie really allowing herself to be manipulated by Marie Laveau and betraying the Coven? Furthermore, is she going to turn her back on the one person who truly appreciated her company?

Speaking of betrayal, what is the Coven going to do when Fiona returns? Whatever happened to Misty and Myrtle? What is going to come of the relationship between Fiona and the Axeman?

All of these questions are begging for answers. Unfortunately, those answers are going to have to wait. Much like other FX shows, there will be no new episode of American Horror Story: Coven next week.

So…while we wait the agonizing two weeks until we get a new episode, here is a sneak peek at that episode.

Make sure to check back with us on December 4th as we recap the next all-new episode of American Horror Story: Coven entitled “The Sacred Taking.”

Need to catch up on the series? Maybe you’re just looking for a little refresher? We’ve got your solution. You can see our entire list of episode recaps right here.

American Horror Story: Coven airs on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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