Daily Show’s Jon Stewart still ranting against Chicago style pizza (Video)

While doing a segment about One World Trade Center being named the tallest tower in America, Stewart did a bit about New York and Chicago being civilized about the changing of the honor. Previously Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower, in Chicago had been the tallest.

During the bit when he was ready to toast with champagne, they showed a clip of some bitter reporter saying that Chicago still has better pizza. Jon Stewart, a New Yorker, launched into a tirade against Chicago style pizza, or deep dish pizza. Stewart said it’s like “sex with a corpse made of sandpaper.” It’s “an above-ground marinara swimming pool for rats.” It’s “f***ing not-pizza.”

On his show last night, he explained that some Chicagoans were not thrilled with his wording. He showed local news broadcasts discussing it on air, he showed a Tweet from someone wishing he would die.

Stewart also discussed Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel sending him a deep dish pizza. Stewart then showed a clip of them trying to feed the pizza to a dog, who rejected it.

So Stewart’s correspondent Jason Jones went to the streets. He also recruited celebrities Steve Buscemi, Matthew Broderick, and Michael Strahan.

And in this clip they take it to the street and get some celebrity supporters:

Fourth-generation Chicago pizza maker Marc Malnati joined the show to make a truce.

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