Report: Jameis Winston could avoid suspension even if charged with felony

Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston is involved in an ugly situation that includes the allegations that he was involved in a sexual assault. While the latest evidence links Winston to the victim, many are wondering what could happen if the star signal-caller is hit with a felony charge.

Well, thanks to a very vague clause in the Florida State athletic department code of conduct, Winston could avoid a suspension even if he is hit with a suspension.

From Brendan Sonnone of the Orlando Sentinel:

Jameis Winston may not be suspended automatically from the FSU football team if he is charged with a felony in connection with a pending sexual assault inquiry.

The FSU athletic department code of conduct includes a provision allowing for exceptions to the suspension rule.

The Seminoles’ athletic policy manual reads: “In the event the student-athlete is charged with a felony, absent extraordinary circumstances as determined by the administration, he/she will not be permitted to represent FSU Athletics in game competition until such time as the charge is resolved and all court, university and athletics department conditions for reinstatement have been met.”

It is unclear what could constitute “extraordinary circumstances as determined by the administration.”

Of course, it will be hard to determine what exactly the university and football program will decide to do thanks to their refusal to comment on the situation until the legal system plays it’s course.

Florida State fans are familiar with what can happen when you enter a national championship game with a third-string quarterback which is what would happen if Winston is suspended and found guilty of the crime, so they hope to avoid that fate.

However, in the end, what happens on the football field should be the least of everyone’s concerns considering the severity of these allegations.

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