What's on the horizon for Sony after PS4 Launch?


Sony just released their next gen console the PS4 last week and people seem to be enjoying it.

There were some consumers that had issues where the console would not display any video. However, this doesn’t appear to be a big problem with it impacting only a small percentage of people.

Sony had some good games come out for their new system with Killzone: Shadow Fall and Resogun standing out from the crowd.

A good question to ask is what’s on the horizon for Sony after the launch of their new system?

One thing that gamers can look forward to is that 2014 expects to be a big year for the PS4 with plenty of good games coming out.

The fun begins with developer Sucker Punch releasing Infamous: Second Son on March 21, 2014. The game looks terrific with the combination of an open world environment and the abilities the main character has, it’s a recipe for success.

This could be one of the first games that really highlights the capabilities of the PS4 and provides a glimpse of what future games will look like.

The video below is the latest trailer for the game and shows off a cool power.

Another game that will be a hit is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and it prologue chapter Ground Zeroes.

Hideo Kojima did a terrific job with the last Metal Gear Solid game on the PS3 and it should be a treat to see what he can do on the PS4.

The next interesting game is The Order: 1886 from Ready at Dawn and Sony Santa Monica. There’s not too much information on the game, but expect to hear more about it in the coming months.

The other game to mention is the one that sent shock waves around the video game industry when it was delayed by Ubisoft.

Watch Dogs will release later on in 2014 and it will be interesting to see how game is received. There was plenty of buzz surrounding the game and with the delay will people still care about it?

The other thing in 2014 for Sony has to do with Gaikai, their way of bringing the PS3 library of games to the PS4.

They have not provided any information on how the service will work or what games will be supported and if you have to pay for the service. I do expect they will have news on this either in the early part of the new year or a formal announcement at E3.

It should be an exciting year for Sony and the PS4.

Let me know your thoughts on what game you’re most looking forward to playing in the future for the PS4.










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