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Dennis Rodman planning scrimmage in North Korea with former NBA players

Dennis Rodman is one of the NBA’s weirdest figures. He has done things like wear wedding dresses, and dye his hair ridiculous colors.

In recent months, Rodman has gone to North Korea as an ambassador, and he is using the game of basketball as a way to connect our country with theirs. According to the AP, he’s taking it one step further with a scrimmage:

“I have seven people right now,” Rodman said. “I talked to a couple of guys last week. Lot of guys are saying, `OK, great. I’ll go. We’ll go.’ But I’m not saying this to get people to go over there to prove a point – `OK, great, let’s go over there and make a difference.’

“No-o-o-o-o-o,” he continued. “Let’s go over there because this is a great opportunity for everyone to see a different culture. … `This country is so bad. This city is so bad.’ OK, great, come see it and tell the world when you come back, `Hey, it’s not as bad as you think.’ And that’s why I’m taking NBA players over there, to show them, so they can come back and talk about it.”

Whether you think Rodman is strange or not doesn’t apply to this, and you have to respect his intentions. North Korea is an isolated country that we know little about, so it’s nice to see Rodman bridge a cultural gap. I’m interested to see what players are coming along with him.

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