Johny Hendricks says hand wraps forced him to alter striking strategy

The fact that we are nearly a week removed from the UFC’s 20th anniversary show, UFC 167, but still talking about it speaks volumes about how many people tuned in to the fight and just how controversial the decision to allow welterweight king Georges St-Pierre to keep his title over No. 1 contender Johny Hendricks was.

While Hendricks and the fans search to figure out what went wrong, Hendricks has decided to blame his hand wraps for an altered striking strategy that ended up not being enough to stop the champ and get Hendricks the win.

From the Dallas Morning News:

I usually get a thick wrap and this time I didn’t do that. Instead of me asking for a thicker wrap, I kept my mouth shut. It’s my fault. That’s on me. It means I hit hard enough that I can punch through the 4 oz gloves. So that’s what made my hands get bruised. I couldn’t punch as hard as I could (have). The more injured I get, the less I get to use it, the more he gets comfortable, so I had to tone down my power. I was still hurting at 70 percent. Wait till I get a full hand wrap. That only builds confidence, because I beat the pound for pound best fighter in the world. I will be back, and I will be stronger than before.

At the post-fight press conference, Hendricks had said his game plan was to put only 70 percent behind his punches so that he would be able to go five rounds against the champion if he needed to do so, but now he is changing his tune.

It is only normal for Hendricks to look for an excuse after feeling that he was wronged by the decision, so we will just have to roll with the punches as everyone continues to make sense of what happened on Nov. 16.

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