The Cast of the film "Nymphomaniac". Photo Credit: Zentropa Entertainments

‘Nymphomaniac’ Red Band Trailer Released for Upcoming Lars Von Trier Film

I think when we use the term red band trailer, it genuinely refers to a more explicit version of film that could otherwise be viewed in a less explicit form; however, when it comes to director Lars Von Trier’s latest masterpiece, I am not entirely sure that there will ever be such a thing as a green band trailer.

In any case, the people at Magnolia Pictures have released the red band trailer for the upcoming film Nymphomaniac.

The film tells the story of a woman’s journey through her life from birth until age 50, as told from the main character herself; a self-diagnosed sex addict named Joe.

In the beginning of the story, Joe is found in an alleyway by a charming older man named Seligman, played by Stellen Skarsgård. Seligman takes Joe, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg, back to his home.

While tending to Joe’s wounds, he asks her about her life. Joe outlines for him in great detail the relationships and wildly explicit interactions she has experienced that have led her to where they are today.

The Director’s Cut of the film is said to be over five hours in length; however, it is uncertain at this point if this version will ever see the light of day.

Also starring in the film is Transformers actor Shia LeBeoufChristian Slater, Billy Elliot‘s Jamie BellUma Thurman, Spider-Man‘s Willem DafoeConnie Nielsen, and veteran actor Udo Kier.

You can take a look at the Red Band trailer for the upcoming film Nymphomaniac right here.

As of right now, the film is not slated to the released in the US. It will be released in Denmark on Christmas Day followed by release dates throughout Europe until March 2014.

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