David Morrissey as The Governor in Season 4 Episode 6 of the 'Walking Dead' entitled 'Live Bait'. Photo Credit: AMC

'The Walking Dead' Trailer Spoils an Upcoming Character Death (Video)

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One of the biggest intrigues of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead is that you never know what to expect. Each week, the story becomes more and more involved as each of the individual characters develop, not only as their own characters, but as a group.

At the end of each episode, fans are always left wanting more and an immediate look into what is going to happen next. Also, the show has never been one to shy away from offing one of their major characters in the most brutal of fashions.

However, the one thing they almost never do is give away something before it’s time.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what has happened with this week’s all-new episode of The Walking Dead entitled ‘Dead Weight’.

Obviously, the show is run in multiple countries, not just here in the U.S. As such, each country has their own individual ways of promoting the series. Apparently, when it comes to Brazil, their method involves spoiling the upcoming death of a character.

Before anyone has a heart attack, no…it’s not Daryl. Don’t worry, it’s not like Rick and Hershel get locked in a room full of walkers and ate to death. (Or do they?)

All kidding aside, it seems as if The Governor is not the changed man that some of us began to believe in the last episode. He still has every bit the mean, vindictive, and outright ruthless side that he has always had. That will be showcased in the next episode.

Here is a look at the Brazilian trailer for his week’s all-new episode of The Walking Dead entitled ‘Dead Weight’.

**BE FORWARNED** If you do not want the death of a character on this week’s episode spoiled for you, you should probably not watch the video. While the clip is in another language, the imagery speaks for itself.


Even though, those of us who chose to watch the video now know who “bites it” in the next episode, the question still remains as to why? What would bring The Governor to stray from the path he was seemingly on in order to revert to his old ways?

I guess that is something we will have to watch and see.

Make sure to check back with us this weekend as we recap this week’s episode of The Walking Dead for you. Until then, you can see our entire catalog of episode recaps right here.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. on AMC.

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