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AMAs 2013: American Music Awards end with trippy Miley Cyrus performance (GIF)

We all remember the performance that Miley Cyrus put together at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, so we were all anxiously waiting to see what shenanigans she would attempt to pull off when she took the stage at the 40th annual American Music Awards on Sunday night.

Boy, did she deliver.

We didn’t get to see any raunchy twerking or Miley lighting up a joint on the stage, but we were still treated to an interesting moment that caught our attention.

For some reason, there was a cat and plenty of neon lights in the background as Miley Cyrus treated us to her latest rendition of the hit song “Wrecking Ball.” Seriously, there was a singing cat and neon lights flashing.

If that doesn’t convince you that you that we are probably only a few months away from Miley Cyrus completely shaving her head and entering rehab, just wait and see.

But hey, it may have been weird, but at least it was eye-catching.

GIF via Zombie Prophet (@ZProphet_MMA)

GIF via Zombie Prophet (@ZProphet_MMA)


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