Xbox One Review Roundup


Microsoft just released the Xbox One a couple of days ago and looks like people are pleased with the new console.

The launch of the system was not perfect and just like the PS4 some people have experienced problems using the console.

One issue that has plagued some users is a faulty disc drive where the drive will not work at all. Microsoft has said that it plans to “take care” of its customers and if there are any issues with the console, to contact customer service.

This seems to only be impacting a small number of people.

That issue aside, it’s clear that Microsoft has invested plenty of time and money into a console they believe will be a hit among gamers.

The list below are some reviews of the next gen system that highlights the positives and negatives about it.

One great thing about the console that was talked about in one of the reviews is how voice controls have been integrated into the console and the ability to run apps while playing games is a welcome addition.

The strong line up of exclusive games at launch is proof the Xbox One is a solid gaming console and not just a device used for entertainment purposes.

Let me know your thoughts about the Xbox One and if you had any issues using it.









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