Corey Crawford does Michael Jordan impression, “Air Crawford” is born (GIF)

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that hockey players are incredible athletes. Most European players are at least decent at soccer, and the strength and core training that they must go through to maintain their strong but light frames is tough. While you can look at a forward or defenseman and have a tough time figuring out exactly was his physique is, it’s nearly impossible to tell with goalies.

So when Corey Crawford jumps a few feet in the air while wearing 30 pounds of wet goaltender equipment, it gets noticed. So much in fact that Reddit user “lostcanuck” decided to whip up this awesome GIF of the play.


Who wouldn’t wear that shirt or rock those sneakers?

SBNation had the play from a different angle, and it shows just how odd and dangerous the fluttering shot really was.

With Crawford out so far to challenge the shooter, it’s not all together inconceivable that we could be watching a replay of one of the more bizarre goals of the year. After the Edmonton Oiler snaps his shot on net, it deflects off of a defender and appears to be on a perfect trajectory to go over Crawford’s head and into the net.

Just look at this hops though!

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