NHL Power Rankings: Week 9 sees St. Louis Blues push Chicago Blackhawks for top spot

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Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Week eight saw the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks finally make their way to the top of our NHL power rankings, but several surging teams are giving them a strong push right now. Did the St. Louis Blues have what it takes to dethrone the ‘Hawks? Or has Chicago played well enough recently to hang on to the No. 1 spot?

And where did the Edmonton Oilers end up after winning three consecutive games for the first time this season? And how about the Philadelphia Flyers, who have secured points in seven consecutive games? Both of these teams have been at the 30 spot in rankings gone by, but how far have they climbed?

We’ll answer all these questions and more in the latest edition of FanSided.com’s power rankings.

As in weeks gone by, a strict five move limit is implemented. This prevents an overreaction to positive or negative trends, while preventing teams from sinking too far too fast.

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