Friday the 13th movie reboot is coming in 2015


If you are a fan of horror movies, you have to be thrilled about the latest news. It is being reported that Paramount is set to release yet another reboot of the classic horror movie Friday the 13th in March of 2015.

From Exhibitor Relations  on Twitter:

As you can tell by the scheduled release date, Paramount chose carefully.

March 13 is one of only three Friday the 13ths on the 2015 calendar. Interestingly enough, the latest reboot will be the thirteenth film in the Friday the 13th series, so we will all be hoping for some great things.

There are very few details about the upcoming film available at this point, but we have a release date scheduled and we can expect to learn more over the course of the next few months.

Are you excited about the latest release and addition to the Friday the 13th series? Sound off in the comments section below and be sure to share your thoughts.

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