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Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May in Episode 9 of 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' entitled 'Repairs.' Photo Credit: ABC/Kelsey McNeal

‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Episode 9 Recap ‘Repairs’

Tonight’s all-new episode is going to take their S.H.I.E.L.D. team into unfamiliar territory, but then again…they kind of have a permanent residence there, don’t they? The team is sent in to help a young woman who has mysterious things happen all around her. Things she can’t control. It will take a secret from May’s past to ensure the safety of not just the girl, but the entire team. Let’s take a look at tonight’s all-new episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. entitled ‘Repairs.’

The Accused and the Victim

It is a really complicated matter when these two things are one in the same. As our episode starts off tonight, we are introduced to a young woman. She’s in a small convenience store, minding her business, just picking up a few items. The man behind the counter recognizes her face from a newspaper that he is reading.

Apparently, the girl is the lone survivor of a laboratory accident in Batesville, Utah that resulted in the deaths of four people. It would seem that the man behind the counter knew one of the men who died in the accident.

Jack Benson was a friend of mine.” he says to her.

Immediately, she tells him how sorry she is. He points out that she was the manager, and that makes the entire thing her fault. In a normal situation, like a customer care issue, I would tend to agree with him, but in situations like these, there is usually a lot of gray area involved and if you weren’t there, you more than likely don’t know.

You know what…never mind. I think I’m just gonna go somewhere else.” She says as she quietly attempts to walk away.

The man is just not having this for an answer as he runs out from behind the counter to block her path. She tells him to stay away from her.

Just as soon as the last word leaves her mouth, items begin to fly off of the shelf and hurl themselves at the man. He asks her if she did that. No sooner than she denies it, the entire shelf falls on the man. He panics and tells her to get away from him as he flees the building.

When he gets outside, he notices that the gas handles are off of their stations, and gas is pouring all over the pavement; pouring straight towards a rack of burning newspapers that bear her face.

Back in the store, she is cowered behind the counter begging that this not be happening again. Before she can even think there is a massive explosion behind her. One can only assume that the gas finally found the pile of burning newspapers.

A telekinetic? This is going to be interesting.

Keeping Secrets

Well, as we know from the conclusion of last week’s episode, when we left Agent Ward he had made the decision to follow Agent May and her bottle of wine into her room and close the door behind him.

It is now the next day, and when we find the two of them, May is already dressed and ready for the day as Agent Ward is coming out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist. (By the way, thank you for that, Marvel.)

He says that they should do what they did last time, wait…last time? There was a last time? This is new. Not entirely surprising, but new.

Anyhow, before Ward can even finish his sentence about staggering times, etc. she is already out the door with the door closed behind her. This is starting to look like a pattern for these two.

The Mission

We now know that the woman in question is named Hannah Hutchins.

Skye tells Coulson that she thought telekinetics didn’t exist. He tells her that they have never verified one, which is why they are going to Batesville to conduct an index asset evaluation and intake.

In other words, they talk to her and evaluate if she has powers, or if there is something else entirely going on here.

He tells Skye that he wants her to pay special attention on this one. This is an opportunity for her to learn how to deal with someone who has newfound abilities.

She tries to play it off like she knows what she is doing. She points out that she was the one who located Mike Peterson before S.H.I.E.L.D. did.

Remember how that went?” Coulson asks.

She asks him how many other people like this that they have encountered. He tells her that there is only a handful. Surprisingly, there are not that many people on the index.

As Skye and Coulson make their way down to the lab, Fitzsimmons tells Coulson that they the Department of Energy says that the particle accelerator is not too dangerous to enter, and that they are going to try to retrieve the disaster event data from the instruments, determine the cause of the blast, and see if there is any correlation between telekinesis and the particle accelerator exploding.

Coulson tells Skye that she will stay in the car when they question Miss Hutchins. He tells her that it is a very delicate situation, and that she does not know what potential danger she may pose. Therefore, he will be making initial contact with Ward and May.

Mob Rules

When S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives at her house there is already an angry mob outside demanding that she be taken into custody for what she has done. It’s amazing how the human mind reacts when there is fear present in a situation that is known to people. Sometimes it seems as if their rational mind just shuts off in order to protect itself.

Agents Coulson and Ward approach the house as May stands behind to ensure that no one from the crowd interferes.

Apparently, the police have been trying to get the crowd to disperse, but seeing as they have their rights to peacefully protest, there is not a lot the police can do about it.

Coulson introduces himself to Hannah and tells him that they specialize in strange occurrences like the one she has encountered.

With tears in her eyes, her first question is if they have come to lock her up. Ward tells her that they have come to talk. She’s not sure that talking is the answer.

As they turn to presumably go into the house, one of the people in the crowd begins to throw eggs at her door, yelling that they don’t want her there anymore. Ward tells the officers to get the people back away from the house.

Before anyone even knows what is going on, one of the police cars shifts into gear and start speeding towards the house.

If Coulson hadn’t jumped at the man who started this whole ordeal, he would be dead. The car plowed through her fence, stopping on the other side.

A woman in the crowd screams that it is her doing it, and that she is trying to kill them. Skye jumps from the vehicle and tells the lady to calm down. At the same time, the deputy that was with the team on the steps draws his weapon and points it at Hannah.

Just as Coulson is reassuring Hannah that they are not going to let anyone hurt her, May shoots her in the back. Thankfully, May only shot her with a tranquilizer.

Time to go,” May says.

The Science Experiment

At the Particle Accelerator Complex Fitzsimmons is beginning their investigation.

Simmons still seems to be on this “there must be another explanation” for everything. I am not sure what is going on here, but it seems to have intensified since the incident with the Chitauri virus.

The discussion of Miss Hutchins’ possible powers brings the two of them back to their school days. Fitz reminds Simmons of a prank that someone played on her in the Academy.

Fitz says that the downfall of graduating three years early is that they never got the chance to pull any freshman pranks. I keep forgetting how young these two really are. They have come to the conclusion that since Skye has never gone to the Academy, and that makes her a freshman. They feel as if it is their responsibility to ensure that she does not miss out on that experience.

In actuality, it is just a way for them to be able to enact some of the same torture that other people bestowed upon them to other people.

Back in the Air

I want to go on record as saying that this is not one of the brightest ideas that Coulson has ever had. Dealing with someone with Hannah’s capabilities is difficult enough as it is on solid ground. Now, you take that same issue 30,000 feet in the air, and…well.

Coulson says that after Simmons had her scare, they had magnetic shielding added to the cage, so if there is any incident should occur, that should keep it in. Somehow I doubt that, but we shall see.

May asks Coulson how Hannah is doing. He tells her that the toxin May shot her with is wearing off, and that she should be awake soon. He says that the next interaction with her will be crucial to gaining he trust, which is why he wants May with him.

May is unsure if this is a good idea; however, Coulson says that if they are going to gain her trust, then they have to show her that they are not hiding things from her, which apparently means May.

Gaining Her Trust

When she starts to wake up, Coulson and May walk into the room. She is understandably scared. Coulson tells her that they brought her some water.

He sets it on the ground in front of her as to not scare her any further than she already is.

She asks how she got there. May tells her that she sedated her. Coulson apologized for bringing her in that way. He says that with this escalating the way that they were, it was for everyone’s safety.

Coulson assures her that no one was hurt back there.

She tells him that everywhere she goes things turn bad.

May asks her if she was angry at the people back at the house. She tells them no. She knows most of them. She says that all those people are gone because of her, that she killed them.

In the Lab

Back in the lab, Skye and Fitzsimmons continue their research. So far, they can find nothing out of the ordinary in the levels. Skye says that she can completely understand why Hannah is upset. She points out that the person who shot Hannah is in the room with her. Fitz says that things got out of control, and May sorted it out. It’s what she does. She’s the cavalry.

Then Simmons makes mention that Skye wouldn’t know that because she has never spent any time at the Academy. Somehow, I just don’t think that the story they are about to tell Skye is the truth; at least not in its entirety.

They tell her this story about how multiple S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had been captured and were being tortured. They tell her that May’s vehicle was disabled so she rode in on a horse and defeated hundreds of mercenaries single handedly.

If Skye doesn’t find this story somewhat suspect, I worry about her judgment.

Fitz loads the particle accelerator data into the computer and a 3d model appears in front of them. Fitzsimmons starts to move things around and analyze the data. When Fitz turns and sees Skye with piece of the accelerator in her hand, he yells at her and takes the piece from her. He tells her that she has to take a minimum of two semesters of holographic engineering before she can mess with that.

“Alright! I get it. I didn’t go to your S.H.I.E.L.D. Hogwarts or whatever.” Skye says.

As soon as Skye is out of the room, the two of them high five each other. They are determined to continue to subject Skye to this childishness. It is tradition, after all.

Further Questions

Coulson and May are still interrogating Hannah.

She tells him that she had to continually go down to the vault to check on a problem with the accelerator, but she could never find anything wrong with it.

Coulson tells her that his team is working on the data to see if they can determine what happened, and what may have happened to her. She doesn’t quite understand.

He tells her that they believe that as a result of the accident that she may have developed some sort of telekinetic ability. She swears that it is not her. She says that she wishes it was so she could make it stop, but it isn’t her.

May asks her what it is. Hannah tells her that no one will believe her. May tells her to try her.

Hannah says that God is punishing her. She says that he abandoned her and he doesn’t protect her anymore. This is why this is happening.

Coulson asks her what she needs to be protected from. She tells him that she is being haunted by demons.

Team Meeting

The entire team is gathered in the conference room to go over their findings. They all seem to be of the consensus that the feelings Hannah is having right now are a combination of the trauma she has been through and her guilt.

Coulson tells the team that they need to go over the accident site and determine if the accident did give her any sort of power. If not, all the better, but until they know for sure, Hannah is a danger to everyone.

Behind Coulson we see a sort of shadow figure. As soon as Coulson moves to walk away, the shadow dissipates.

A Different Approach

Skye is in Coulson’s office with him and May. She is asking to be allowed to go in and speak with Hannah. Coulson tells her that he can’t allow her to do that. Skye says that she is not dangerous.

Skye talks about how the impact of what has happened lately can have a huge influence on someone as empathetic as Hannah, and that it is devastating her. May says that people believe what they need to believe to justify their actions.

Is that how you justify your shoot first policy?” she asks May. “At least let me repair that damage.”

May tells her that until they know for sure what is going on that Hannah is staying locked away, and Skye is to stay out of there.

Suddenly, the ball on Coulson’s desk flies off and hits the floor. He was under the impression that it was glued down.

Later on, we see Skye talking to Ward about the situation while he is preparing food. Ward tells Skye that May is a specialist and that is what she does. She says that May said that she needs to stay away, but Skye thinks that May needs to get laid. Agent Ward suddenly stops for a minute.

Ward tells her that she needs to be a little less confrontational with her. She says that she is not afraid of her no matter if she did kill 100 people on horseback. Ward stops her and asks where she heard that. She tells him that Fitzsimmons told her. He asks if they were messing with her.

He tells her that it was not 100 enemies, it was 20, and it was with one pistol, and definitely not on horseback. He says that May is not in this for the glory.

Suddenly, when he goes to cut his sandwich, he can’t find his knife.

The Findings

While she is doing more research, Skye finds a file on a Tobias Ford. He was one of the technicians that worked with Hannah. Apparently, Ford had filed three grievances against Hannah’s department, which is odd because Hannah was under the impression that the two of them were friends. It would seem that he was really gunning for her.

Unfortunately, his complaints were legitimate.

Fitz heads downstairs to one of the supply rooms to get some couplings to run simulations with as well as a few other supplies.

The Wreckage

When Simmons finally gets her analysis done, she realizes that Hannah was telling the truth and that she is not telekinetic. Simmons says that the explosion tore open some sort of window. Before she can even finish her sentence, Tobias is behind her. He says that the portal is open to hell. He stacks her from behind, but dissipates before Coulson makes it into the room.

Simmons fills Coulson in on the details of her findings.

While this is happening, Tobias rips out the wires that are keeping power flowing throughout the plane. Now that all the power is out, the plane is going down.

Ward and May dash into the cockpit to try and land the plane properly. She says that they are looking for a vertical landing zone. With a few, ok maybe a lot, of bumps along the way, they get the plane on the ground safely.

Simmons tells Coulson that she saw a ghost. May asks her if she got a look at him. Simmons tells her that he dematerialized.

Skye asks that she be the one to tell Hannah that she is not the one at fault here. Coulson allows it. He says that he will go upstairs and radio in HQ. Coulson tells everyone else what their plan is. That is, until they realize that Fitz is not with them.

Fitz feels like he is being pranked and thinks that Jemma is behind this whole thing. Ward and Simmons finally find him. Fitz blames the two of them for being locked in the closet, but they inform him that it wasn’t them. The obvious question follows up, well…then who was it.

Ward radios in and tells May that they found Fitz. She tells them that the issue seems to be coming from Avionics bay 2 and that they need to get down there. She says that she is going to power down flight controls to conserve energy, and then she is going to defend the cage door.

Just as Coulson begins to radio in for assistance, Tobias smashes the relay. Coulson complains about his 1990s technology.

Down at the case, Skye is explaining what is going on to Hannah. She is trying her best to help her believe once again. Not that Skye has much faith in God, but she uses her experiences as a child to help relate to Hannah and calm her down.

As Skye is finishing her explanation to Hannah, May walks up on the conversation, but hangs back in order to not be seen. Skye tells Hannah that she was told by Sister McKenna that God is love, and it is the thing that keeps everything together. She says that if that is true, that God would not be punishing her for a mistake, but forgiving her.

May walks up and says that she is taking over there, and that Coulson needs help with the emergency transceiver. Skye tells her that she would rather stay there, but May tells her that it is an order. Skye tells May to try not to hurt her any more than she already has.

Simmons says that Tobias thinks it is hell, but she believes that it is an alien world, and that it was stunning. Fitz says that after the spaceship landed in London there were reports of multiple portals opening. Simmons believes that they were trying to create another portal at the lab when everything went horribly wrong. Simmons says that this “ghost” is a man trapped between our world and another.

They clear their way to Avionics Bay 2. Apparently Tobias was thorough when he destroyed the panel. Ward tells them to get to work repairing it. He continues to search the hall when Tobias materializes behind Simmons and locks Fitzsimmons inside the bay.

He then comes out and attacks Ward. Tobias continues to dissipate between rooms. Finally, he knocks Ward unconscious, screams at the top of his lungs, and shuts the door on all three of them.

The Real Story

Skye says that they are more than likely dealing with a hardware issue, but that doesn’t matter because she should be down there with Hannah. She makes another snide remark about “The Cavalry”. Coulson tells her not to call May that.

Coulson corrects her story about May. It looks like no one can get it right.

He tells her that they were the welcome wagon, and it went south. He says that a civilian girl and a couple of their agents were trapped in a building being held by a few followers of a gifted individual. He says that May took it upon herself to get them out. She said that she could fix the problem. He says that she went in and crossed off the enemy force.

He tells Skye that May used to be different. He tells her that May was always quiet, but in a different way. He says that she was warm, pulled pranks, and believed that rules were meant to be broken. He asks her if that sounds familiar.

He said that when she walked out of the building, that she was different and that part of her was gone.

Fixing the Problem

Suddenly, there is a crash. The lock on their door is jammed.

Tobias appears to them. He grabs Skye by the neck and tells Coulson to let him in or let her out.

Fitz tells May that he is disappearing, and that maybe if they wait him out that he will disappear altogether. Simmons says that he is going after everyone else because he can’t get to Hannah.

Suddenly, Tobias is right behind May. He knocks her unconscious and continues his search for Hannah. When he gets into the interrogation room, Hannah is gone.

Then, we see May walking with Hannah off of the airplane. Hannah asks her what she is doing. May tells her that she is fixing the problem.

Ward is finally starting to wake up. Simmons tells him what happened. They surmise that Tobias must have had the wrench in his hand when the explosion happened. The strange thing is, this is not exactly the wrench that you would have in your hand to tighten or loosen a coupling.

Coulson comes over the radio to find out where everyone is. The one person they can’t seem to track down is May.

May takes Hannah to a barn. She tells her that she doesn’t mean to scare her, but she needs to use her as bait. Hannah wants to know what she is going to do once she has drawn him out.

Whatever I have to,” May says.

Fitz rigs something so that Skye and Coulson can get out of the office. Amazingly, and at the cost of one of Coulson’s collectibles, they are freed.

They open a door, thinking that it is where Agent May could have gone. When Simmons opens the door, the broom Fitz rigged falls out of the door and scares everyone. In fact, Fitz screams like a little girl. Simmons tells him that this is no time for childish pranks. He tells her that pranking was her idea. Oh, children…

Finally, Tobias appears to Hannah. She is a little taken aback. She asks him if it is really him. Just as she finishes that sentence, May dives in and tackles him.

May is doing quite the expert job of combating him, but is ultimately knocked out by him.

Back on the plane, Skye thinks that she has this whole thing figured out. She says that Tobias wanted her to notice him. She asks why else he would file a complaint when there was no issue, only to cause the issue himself. Skye says that he wants Hannah to spend time with him.

They finally figure out that he is not trying to hurt her; he is trying to protect her.

Finally, the rest of the team makes it off of the airplane.

Back in the barn, May and Tobias are still going at it. May tells Hannah to stay there, but before May can get anywhere, Tobias attacks her once again. Hannah screams as a piece of the roof comes falling right on top of her. Before the beam can reach her, Tobias dissipates and reappears right in front of Hannah, blocking the board from hitting her.

Hannah tells Tobias that May is a friend, and that he has to stop. She begs him. May tells him that they believe that he is trapped between two worlds. He believes that he is trapped between here and hell. He says that it is because of what he did. She asks him what he did.

He tells her that he loosened a few bolts, and then she would visit. He says that it was the best part of his day. He said that he never meant for anyone to get hurt.

How could you?” she asks him.

He said that it made things worse when people started blaming her for it. He said that he attacked the other people to try and protect her, to atone for his sins.

He begs that she forgive him. He thinks that maybe if she forgives him that he won’t go to hell. She tells him that only God can forgive him.

May tells him that what he did cannot be undone, and that he will have to carry that with him. She says that hanging on to this life is hell. May tells him that he is dragging Hannah down with him. She tells him that he has to let go before the team comes and makes him do it.

She says that if he cares about her, and she knows he does, he has to let her go.

He takes in a deep breath and dissipates for the last time.

Just then, the rest of the team runs in. Coulson asks her what she said to him, She tells him that she said the same words that he said to her in Bahrain. She quietly walks away.

Coming Down

They bring Hannah back on board, and Skye puts her to bed in her bunk. He tells Ward that Hannah is doing much better.

Skye asks Coulson if Fitz can repair his watch. Coulson tells her that this one is a lost cause.

But May isn’t.” Skye says.

She says that if anyone can bring her around it is him. He tells her that the reason he wanted her to pay close attention to the index asset evaluation and intake process is that one day she will be very good at it, maybe even the best.

May is preparing for takeoff when Skye knocks on the door. She asks May if she minds if she keeps her company. As usual, May doesn’t respond. Skye sits down with her anyway.

Later on, Skye, Ward, Simmons, and Coulson are playing scrabble. Fitz comes walking to the room with what looks like shaving cream all over his face. Everyone starts laughing. Of course, the only one who thinks it’s now funny is Fitz.

He says that he was sleeping peacefully. Everyone in the room denies doing it. Fitz is getting frustrated trying to figure out who it was. In the cockpit, May starts to smile devilishly. Maybe the old her really is starting to come around.

All around, tonight was a really interesting episode. While dealing with a portal to another dimension, or possibly hell is very Buffy the Vampire Slayer-ish, but then again, it is Joss Whedon after all.

However, I do have to say that I liked finally hearing the truth about “The Cavalry”. You know how legends are. They are retold so many times that by the time they get back around to the beginning, they are never the same as when they happened.

Now, here is the bad news. Like many shows these next few weeks, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will not be on next week; however 2 weeks from now, the show will pick back up with a brand new mission.

While we wait, here is a look at the next episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Make sure to check back with us in two weeks’ time as we take a look at the all-new episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. entitled ‘The Bridge’.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

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