TiVo CEO Believes that Netflix should be available to Cable Operators


Right now, many of Netflix’s contracts with TV and movie studios stipulate that they cannot distribute their content in the U.S. through a pay TV operator’s set top box. However, TiVo CEO Tom Rogers believes that this policy should change.

During last night’s earnings call, Rogers said that he believes that there are a growing number of cable operators who are looking to get in on the action.

“Our view has been that the merger of linear television and streaming over-the-top TV is where the future of television is,” Rogers said. “Netflix has clearly risen to the level of a must-have on the over-the-top side. And I don’t think consumers feel as if they have a full package of options until Netflix is included.”

As of late, Netflix has indeed become the premier destination for online streaming content. With new contracts with companies like Walt Disney that allow for their vast catalog to be streamed through their online service, it certainly expands their content library to new lengths.

TiVo’s software for set-top boxes is capable of working with Netflix streams in addition to their cable channels and other video-on-demand options. Early in September, Netflix struck a deal with Virgin Media Cable Systems that allow the Netflix app to be distributed to 40,000 Virgin Media TiVo households. That number will grow to by the end of the year.

A separate Netflix subscription is still required to use the software, as it is on Netflix’s many other platforms, but this provides another means in which you can receive the service you already pay for.

For many years, Cable Operators have seen Netflix as a threat; however, with the market shifting to a more digital and streaming market with vast content, it would almost be in those operator’s best interest to start to work with the company in order to expand to new heights.

With Netflix becoming one of the top names in streaming content, do you feel like you are getting the entire package if Netflix is not an option that is afforded to you? Would something like this encourage you to move into a service like TiVo should Netflix be included in the picture? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.

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