Black Friday 2013: What not to buy


The biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, is here and there are lots of tempting deals. Some deals are worth while and fighting through crowds and other deals are nothing more than a chance to sell stuff you don’t want or need as you get caught up in the frenzy of price slashing. So we have a list of things that you’ll find in Black Friday ads but should avoid.

Digital cameras:

People still use digital cameras? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen someone genuinely bring a digital camera somewhere. There is a reason to wait if you do want a digital camera. Prices drop after the CES consumer electronics show in January, when companies show off their next-generation products. That is when they start trying to get rid of the stock.

New name-brand products:

They can advertise Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4 consoles in Black Friday ads, but those items have been out less than a month and aren’t getting discounted. Or another example would be Apple’s latest iPad mini. Some older generations are marked down if you want to give it as a gift.

Off-brand tablets:

Aside from Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab stores have rolled out their own version or in-house brand tablets. They’re usually significantly more affordable than their name brand counterparts and there is a reason for that. They’re low-quality compared to the other two, which means they aren’t durable and will likely break or crack. Screens will lose their sensitivity to touch and they won’t run smoothly.


Like other items, the top brands don’t get discounted much. That means television deals tend to be from second-tier brands or in-house brands. If you aren’t particularly picky, there are good deals. I got a store brand LCD TV from Best Buy one year and have had friends routinely compliment and say they prefer it to the Sony Bravia Smart TV I also have.

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