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Black Friday 2013: Fight breaks out at WalMart (Video)

If finding a way to save $20 or earn a WalMart gift card with your purchase is something that excites you enough to head out to the stores on Black Friday to deal with hundreds of crazy shoppers looking for the same deals, then there is a good chance you could be seeing some human stampedes and minor scuffles on Sunday.

Unfortunately for a few folks who were out enjoying their Black Friday deals at Walmart when they opened the doors and began the stores early last night, the organization that the store attempted to provide did less harm than good.

People herded together in lines as they waited for their number, wristband or whatever it is they give the people in line first, when the crowds began swarming and fights broke out. passed along two videos this morning from WalMart Black Friday fights, which will not only once again make you question humanity, but show to you that you made the right decision when you chose to surf the web this morning stead of going out with the swarms of rabid shoppers.

Check out the videos below:

Going out to shop on Black Friday just isn’t worth it, especially when you can get the same deals online and wait for Cyber Monday.

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