Black Friday 2013: Santa Claus gets arrested during Walmart protest

There have been some incredibly unfortunate stories surfacing as people head out for their Black Friday shopping. There have been reports of shootings, stabbings and stampedes that have surfaced as those at home shake their heads at the masses that couldn’t wait to save a quick but, but there were also those out at the early Black Friday shopping sites to protest — those people are just as bad as the over ambitious shoppers.

As the protesters began to become a nuisance, the police officers observing pulled out their handcuffs to settle everyone down.

One of the men that got put in cuffs was a familiar jolly red face. A man dressed as Santa Claus got cuffed, and the result was one of the greatest photos we have seen on the Internet today.

Here is the photo:


Part of us hopes the man in cuffs is the real Santa, so the officer doesn’t get anything but coal for being naughty.


Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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