Black Friday 2013: WalMart stampede in Puerto Rico (Video)

Black Friday can cause to some craziness as people look to get their hands on the latest deals. So far today, we have learned about shootings, stabbings and fights as people look to save a quick buck, but now there is a stampede south of the border.

A video surfaced Friday morning on social media that shows a group of shoppers in Puerto Rico going into a store in an organized fashion.

Eventually, some folks get a big over eager and they begin pushing through the barriers. It quickly goes from one person at a time to three people at a time, before an all out stampede occurs and people begin flying into the store from all directions. It was a scary scene knowing that someone easily was trampled during the wild rush.

Here is a video of the incident:

People get way too excited about deals, so if you want to get in on the savings while avoiding any possible shootings, stabbings, fights or tramplings, check out the Cyber Monday deals and shop from the safety of your home.


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