Black Friday fights 2013: Stabbings and shootings highlight violence


If there is one thing we know, it is that people go absolutely insane on Black Friday as they attempt to get in on the biggest deals and savings. Unfortunately, some people are so eager and ambitious that they end up forgetting about human decency and they completely lose their minds.

We passed along videos from earlier in the day that show shoppers at WalMart getting involved in some fights, but that was just the beginning.

According to the latest reports, there was plenty of violence in Virginia and Las Vegas among other places that have resulted in some unfortunate situations.


From the Daily Mail:

A Virginia man has been stabbed in a row over a parking space, a Las Vegas shopper has been shot in the leg by a man stealing his newly-bought television, and police have opened fire on an alleged shoplifter as he fled from a Chicago store.

Shoppers have also filmed violent scenes at several Walmart stores and posted the startling footage to YouTube, revealing the madness that has become a tradition the day after Thanksgiving.

In one of the most violent incidents, a Las Vegas shopper was walking to an apartment complex after buying a big-screen television when a suspect approached him and fired a warning shot so that he dropped the device, 8 News Now reported.


Is saving $20 really worth stabbing or shooting someone? To some people, apparently it is.

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