Killzone: Shadow Fall patch favors southpaws


One of the launch titles for the PS4 is receiving a new patch. The impressive looking shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall from developer Guerrilla Games is adding support to map controls for left-handed players.

The change will affect the DualShock 4’s analogue sticks but not the shoulder buttons or triggers.

The 1.05 patch will address the following bugs in the game:

  • Several UI issues fixed
  • Error messages in Multiplayer amended to have better indication of the error
  • Edge-case crashes related to friends lists fixed
  • Additional integrity fixes for the patching system

The other thing done by the patch is that Guerrilla has shortened the end section of campaign chapter seven.

They have also tweaked a very annoying section in campaign chapter eight that involves raising the collision ceiling, this was done to reduce the amount of deaths caused by crashing into certain buildings.

Guerrilla said in a statement, “Patch v1.05 should download and install automatically, but in rare instances where this doesn’t happen you may encounter an error message when you try to enter a multiplayer match. If this is the case, please reboot your PS4 to begin the patch installation process. The integrity fix included with patch v1.05 will prevent this error from reoccurring in the future.”

Let me your thoughts on this and if you like these changes to improve the game.







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