Nov 23, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets center Omer Asik (3) during the fourth quarter at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

NBA GM says Houston Rockets trade demands for Omer Asik are "delusional"

The Houston Rockets are between a rock and a hard spot in regards to big man Omer Asik.

The center has been more than open about his desire to play elsewhere, which has taken away what little leverage Houston would have in a potential trade. The Rockets certainly don’t want to give him away for free, but they also don’t want to keep a player who is unhappy, creating locker room tension, not to mention not playing up to his skill level.

Teams know this, so offers for Asik have likely been borderline silly but general manger Daryl Morey has decided to be just as outlandish in return, with one rival GM suggesting the Rockets are delusional in their asking price:

Given those constraints and Asik’s sad-sack demeanor, one rival GM described the Rockets as “delusional” as far as their asking price for him.

Asik is due over $15 million dollars next season (only $8 counts against the cap) and considering he’s essentially a one side of the court player (he has zero offensive ability), it’s a pretty big investment for the acquiring team (not to mention the talent they’d have to trade away).

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  • Royce Hansen

    Asik is getting some quality minutes off the bench now. Just because a player demands a trade or his agent makes it public knowledge doesn’t mean squat. Morey is not between a rock and a hard place on this one at all. Asik just might have to accept his lesser role till next season, sure if a sweet offer comes in nearer the trade deadline we might take it, but we’re good where we’re at either way.

    Last I checked Asik is still the best backup center in the game & he’s still under contract (which will be a rather large & expiring one next season = very trade-able asset next season too) to be a Rocket. He’s now realizing it will be detrimental to himself as well to perform poorly off the bench. If he wants to remain desired as a starting center, he better play that way with any minutes he gets, which he is doing now, he said in a recent post game minutes are minutes now to him, all the same.

    Everyone knows he’s EASILY a top 10 center in the league (more like top 5-7). The Rockets want to keep him & are very wise to stand pat on this for a while. THE OFFERS FOR HIM HAVE BEEN DELUSIONAL.