Richie Incognito loses only two game checks

The Miami Dolphins suspended offensive guard Richie Incognito four weeks ago for conduct detrimental for the team, but the team would have to figure out what to do with Incognito because the league’s personal conduct policy allows for teams to only suspend a player up to for games for said conduct.

With Incognito’s suspension set to come to an end, we learned that the team agreed to extend his suspension for two weeks , but he would be getting paid. On top of that, Incognito reportedly got paid for two of the four weeks in his suspension that he is currently serving, according to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports.

Since the Dolphins and Incognito agreed to extend the suspension, that means the team will now have until Week 15 to determine Incognito’s fate.

They will either need to reinstate Incognito for the final two weeks or the season or they will need to cut him loose and hand him his walking papers. Whether or not he gets released remains to be seen, but all signs point to Incognito being released.

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  • DragonFly34

    Someone at Fansided should maybe state why Incognito was suspended in the first place. What reason, evidence or another form of a complaint was issued to suspend Incognito? Hearsay ? Ok FS what else? What happens when Incognito gets a “no bill”? What happens when Incog’s attorneys begin to ask questions in the form of a deposition? I think it may be very hard for some in the media to scream “absent mallace” cause you bozos have been hammering Incog since squash brained Martin jumped ship and left the team with NO reason. Bully, and a couple of other names were banded about with absolutely no proof, not even a good hearsay until Martins attorney spoke up then every media outlet felt the need to jump on Martins bandwagon. If Incog can or wants to prove his reputation has been fuc*** because of over zealous media types, (and you know who you are) there could be on whopping settlement. From what Ive read some of yous should stand by for a ram,,,,Make no mistake Incog was the scape goat, his contract runs out this yr and he likes strip bars,,,,who doesn’t ? You guys remember the man who allegedly bombed the Atlanta summer Olympics some decades ago? Think along those lines,,,how many millions did NBC sports fork out?