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Things Really Heating Up In the Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller Custody Case

As if things could possibly get any more complicated or just plain weird in the custody dispute between Anger Management star Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

According to TMZ, Brooke has made official allegations that Charlie’s other ex-wife, Madea’s Witness Protection actress Denise Richards, has abused both her and Charlie’s twin boys Bob and Max, but his two children with Richards, daughters Sam and Lola.

According to the report, Law Enforcement Sources tell TMZ that the police came to Denise’s door on Tuesday night, telling her that they were there is question her about a child abuse claim filed by Brooke. As her two children were in the home at the time, Denise elected not to allow officers entry into her home. Instead, she stepped outside with them and informed them that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services is already handling the dispute.

This entire debacle started when Brooke was stripped of custody of Bob and Max earlier this year after Brook relapsed into her persistent issues with drugs.

If these allegations prove to be false, which is not only a crime, but just plain wrong, this could spell more trouble than I think Brooke is prepared for. It certainly will not help her bid to get her children back, as it kind of destroys her credibility. Not to mention the fact that an interrogation of the children involved, which is standard in these kinds of claims, is incredibly traumatizing to children.

TMZ reports that Denise has been adamant that she has not seen the twins in over 2 weeks, and Brooke has had no contact with Denise’s daughters, so the entire claim is suspicious.

What do you make of the ongoing battle between Charlie and his former wives? Could this possibly get any worse?

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